The 3nm production scale expansion ceremony held at the Fab 18 site

As expected, TSMC held a ceremony marking its 3nm process node production volume and capacity expansion plans for the Fab 18.

TSMC holds a 3nm production and capacity increase ceremony, marking a milestone for advanced manufacturing

press release: Today TSMC held a 3-nanometer (3nm) size production and capacity expansion ceremony at the new Fab 18 construction site in Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP), bringing together suppliers, construction partners, central and local government, Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association, and members of the academic community to witness an important milestone in the The company’s advanced manufacturing.

TSMC has laid a strong foundation for 3nm technology and capacity expansion, with Fab 18 located at STSP serving as the company’s GIGAFAB facility producing 5nm and 3nm process technology. TSMC announced today that its 3nm technology has successfully entered volume production with good returns, and threw a ceremony to top off its Fab 18 Phase 8 facility. TSMC estimates that 3nm technology will do just that Create Finished products with a market value of 1.5 trillion US dollars within five years of production volume.

Each of the stages 1 through 8 of the TSMC Fab 18 has a clean room area of ​​58,000 square metres, nearly twice the size of a standard logical Fab. TSMC’s total investment in Fab 18 will exceed NT$1.86 trillion, creating more than 23,500 construction jobs and more than 11,300 direct high-tech jobs. In addition to expanding 3nm capacity in Taiwan, TSMC is also building 3nm capacity at its Arizona site.

TSMC also announced that the company’s global R&D center at Hsinchu Science Park will officially open in the second quarter of 2023, with 8,000 R&D employees. TSMC is also making preparations for the production of a 2nm Fab, which will be located in Hsinchu and Taiwan Science Center, with a total of six phases taking place as planned.

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TSMC Chairman Dr. Mark Liu presided over the 3nm production and capacity increase ceremony. Among the distinguished guests at the event were Vice Premier Shen Zongchen, Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Mihua, Minister of Science and Technology Wu Zongzhong, Mayor of Tainan City Huang Weiqi, and General Manager STSP Management Office Su Chen Kang, Fu Zuo Chairman Cliff Lin, United Integrated Services President Bill Li, National Cheng Kung University President Dr. Jenny Su, Changchun Petrochemical Chairman Chih Chuan Tsai and Kuang Ming Enterprise Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman Eric Lin and Vice President Applied Materials Group Eric Yu, In addition to representatives from TSMC’s construction partners, materials and equipment suppliers, the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association and academic institutions.

“TSMC maintains its technology leadership while investing heavily in Taiwan, continuing to invest and prospering with the environment. The 3nm production and capacity expansion ceremony shows that we are taking concrete actions to develop advanced technology and expand capabilities in Taiwan,” said Dr. Mark Liu, President of TSMC at the ceremony. “We aim to grow together with our own upstream and downstream supply chain, develop future talents from design to manufacturing, packaging, testing, equipment and materials to provide the most competitive advanced process technology and reliable capacity to the world and drive technological innovation in the future.”

TSMC is committed to thriving with the natural environment through green manufacturing, and all of TSMC’s construction in STSP follows Taiwan EEWH standards and US LEED green building certification. The utility will also use water resources from the STSP treated water plant to gradually reach the company’s goal of using 60% of reclaimed water by 2030. Once in production, Fab 18 will use 20% renewable energy to eventually reach the sustainability goal of 100% renewable energy and zero emissions by 2050.

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TSMC’s 3nm process is the most advanced semiconductor technology in both power, performance, area (PPA) and transistor technology, advancing the full-node 5nm generation. Compared to the 5nm (N5) process, TSMC’s 3nm process delivers up to 1.6X zonal density increase and 30-35% power reduction at the same speed and supports the innovative TSMC FINFLEX architecture.

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