Telegram Emoji Meanings – Complete List

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and we could say the same about emoticons. Using emoticons, we can express our emotions without words or add special meaning to a written conversation. As one of the most popular messaging platforms, Telegram offers hundreds of emoticons that users can include in their chats.

Telegram Emoji Meanings - Complete List

If you are interested in the meaning of Telegram emoticons, you are in the right place. Here we will discuss what the most commonly used Telegram emoticons mean.

Telegram Emoji Meanings

Telegram gives you access to hundreds of emoticons with different meanings. Regular emoticons are available to every Telegram user.

Telegram divides its emoticons into several categories: Emoji and People, Nature, Food and Drink, Activity, Travel and Places, Objects and Symbols and Flags. Let’s start with one of the most popular emoticons, the smiley face.

Smiley With Open Mouth

TELEGRAM The Smiley Face With Open Mouth

The yellow emoticon with a wide, open smile and open eyes is one of the most used Telegram emoticons. This emoticon expresses general happiness and fun and usually has a positive connotation. You can send it to people you’re close to, but it’s also great for chats you have with someone you don’t know very well (or at all).

You can add this emoticon to your Telegram chat by clicking on it or typing “:smiley:”.

Smiley with tears of joy

TELEGRAM The Smiley Face With Tears of Joy

The tears of joy emoticon is often used to indicate something very funny or even hilarious. It can be used as a response to a statement, meme, image or situation and usually has a positive meaning.

This emoticon was named Word of the Year in Oxford Dictionaries 2015. It was the first time a pictogram was named Word of the Year. That year, Oxford University Press teamed up with SwiftKey to analyze the usage of the most popular emoticons. The results showed that the tears of joy smiley was the most used emoji worldwide.

The code for this Telegram emoji is “:joy:”.

Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes

TELEGRAM The Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes

This emoticon has a yellow smiley face, closed but happy eyes, closed mouth and pink cheeks. It is often used to express warm, positive feelings, genuine happiness and excitement. Many people use it when they want to say, “I’m happy for you.”

You can also use this emoticon if you want to be ironic or to represent a negative situation in a funny way.

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The code for this Telegram emoji is “:blush:”.

Smiling Face With Halo

TELEGRAM The Smiling Face With Halo

The halo smiley telegram face has closed smiling eyes and mouth and a blue halo above its head. This emoticon can represent angels, prayers, blessings or good deeds. For example, you can write, “I gave food to a stray dog ​​today” and add a halo smiley to the sentence.

This emoticon is also often used in an ironic context. You can say “I didn’t study for tomorrow’s test” and add an emoticon.

If you want to use this emoji in Telegram, you can find it in the emoji list or type “:innocent:” in the chat.

Smiling face with heart eyes

TELEGRAM The Smiling Face With Heart Eyes

If you want to express enthusiasm, affection or love for something or someone, a smiley face with heart eyes is an excellent choice. The tone of this emoticon can be platonic or romantic, so you can send it to your significant other, family members, friends, etc.

In some contexts, you can even send this emoji to people you don’t know. For example, you can use it to support something they wrote or did.

You can get this emoticon in Telegram by typing “:heart_eyes:” in chat.

Emoji blowing a kiss

TELEGRAM The Emoji Blowing a Kiss

This is one of the most popular emoticons not only on Telegram but also on other social media and messaging platforms. There are several kissing emoticons and this one features a yellow winking face blowing a kiss depicted as a small heart. As you can imagine, this emoji expresses affection and love.

You can use it to wish a loved one good morning or good night, congratulate someone on an important milestone, etc.

The Telegram code for this emoji is “:kissing_heart:”.

Smiling squinty emoticon

TELEGRAM Grinning Squinting Smiley Face

This smiley has squinting X-shaped eyes and an open mouth with a toothy smile. This emoticon usually represents hearty laughter, excitement and happiness. Many agree that it has a “stronger” meaning than the regular open mouth smiley.

The smiling squint emoticon is a form of the “xD” emoticon.

If you want to use this emoji in Telegram, you can use the code “:satisfied:” or “:laughing:”.

Disappointed Emoji

The Disappointed Emoji TELEGRAM

Not every human emotion is positive, just like emoticons. This emoticon has closed eyes and a frown and can be used to express sadness and disappointment.

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People use this emoticon in many contexts, from trivial things like “Hey, I’m running late” to expressing condolences when a loved one dies.

Telegram for this emoticon is “:disappointed:”.

Thumbs up emoji

TELEGRAM The Thumbs Up Emoji

The thumb signal is a common hand gesture that expresses approval and support. The thumbs up emoji is a digital representation of this gesture. You can also use this emoji to confirm that you have received a message.

The thumbs up emoji can also be perceived as sarcastic or passive aggressive, so be careful in what situations you use it.

If you want to use the thumbs up emoticon in Telegram, you can enter the codes “:like:”, “:thumbup:” or “:thumbsup:” in the chat.

Clasped hands emoji

TELEGRAM The Folded Hands Emoji

This emoticon depicts two hands pressed together, fingers pointing upwards, and has been the subject of many internet arguments over the years. Specifically, some claim that this emoticon is a “high-five” symbol and use it in a positive context.

However, this emoji is actually a gesture for prayer, greeting or thanks. It can also express hope, praise, gratitude or respect. Therefore, this emoticon can often be part of emotional texts and should not be confused with a five.

The Telegram code for this emoji is “:pray:”.

Flexed biceps emoji

TELEGRAM The Flexed Biceps Emoji

The flexed biceps emoji is straightforward. Besides the obvious meaning of exercise, this emoticon is often used to express strength, endurance, or support. It’s the perfect emoticon to use when your loved one has accomplished something significant and you want to praise them.

You can add this emoticon to your Telegram chat by typing “:muscle:”.

Ear emoji

TELEGRAM The Ear Emoji

You might be surprised to learn about the different meanings of the ear emoji. The most obvious is to replace the word “ear” in your text. In addition, you can use this emoji to show that you are listening (or reading) what the other person is saying (writing). Emoji is often used when you can’t wait to hear what the other person has to say.

The Telegram code for this emoji is “:ear:”.

Nail polish emoji

TELEGRAM The Nail Polish Emoji

This emoji is the perfect way to let your nail technician know you need to schedule an appointment. However, the nail polish emoji has a different, sassy meaning. It shows that you don’t care about a particular situation or you’re totally fine with it.

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Add this emoticon to your Telegram chat by typing “:nail_care:”.

Delicious face food emoji

TELEGRAM The Face Savoring Food Emoji

This emoticon features smiling eyes with a wide grin and a tongue sticking out of one corner. The tongue represents a satisfied licking of the lips. If you want to express that you have just eaten a delicious meal or are about to cook, this emoticon is a great choice.

This emoticon can also be a bit flirtatious and can be used to express that you find a particular person attractive.

If you want to use this emoji in Telegram chat, type “:yum:” and it will appear.

Thinking Emoji

TELEGRAM The Thinking Emoji

Thinking emoticon has furrowed brows with thumb and forefinger resting on chin. It shows a person who is thinking.

You can use it when you are not sure about the answer to a question and need some time to think. Many people use this emoticon to express their disapproval of the person they are chatting with. It can be suitable for conveying a playful, mocking, confused or skeptical tone.

The Telegram codes for this emoticon are “:hmm:”, “:thinking_face:” and “:thinking:”.

Face with steam coming out of nose Emoji

TELEGRAM The Face With Steam Coming From the Nose Emoji

This emoticon shows an angry or angry face with closed eyes and steam coming out of the nostrils. When this emoticon first appeared, it was intended to be used to express victory and pride. However, the meaning of the emoji has evolved over time and now usually depicts frustration, anger, displeasure or rage.

The Telegram code for this emoji is “:triumph:”.

Emoji Face without mouth

TELEGRAM The Face Without Mouth Emoji

This emoticon contains two eyes and no mouth and can have different meanings. You can use it if you want to express that you are speechless, sad, disappointed or frustrated.

If you can’t find this emoticon in the list, type “:no_mouth:” in Telegram chat.

Add more meaning to your texts

Emojis are a universal language that allows us to express emotions that often cannot be expressed in words. Thanks to them, communication is much faster and easier. Telegram allows its users to have fun with a wide variety of emoticons that can have many meanings and can be appropriate for different contexts. Do you often use emoticons? What is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below.

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