Streets of Tarkov has finally been added to Escape from Tarkov along with AMD FSR 2.1

The Hardcore FPS and extraction shooter subgenre Escape from Tarkov finally receives the long-awaited Streets of Tarkov map, though it’s only part of the full location. Here’s what the developers at Battlestate Games wrote in the patch notes:

This update adds a part of the city of Tarkov located at the intersection of Primorsky Boulevard and Klimov Street. This part of the site contains an abandoned factory, the Pinewood Hotel, a news agency building, the Concordia apartment complex, a car dealership, the Terracot business center, a cinema, a Sparzha supermarket, and other elements of urban infrastructure. This is the first part of the work in the city after which the site will be expanded.

Update 0.13 adds more than just the first part of Streets of Tarkov. AMD users will be happy to know that FSR 2.1 has been implemented in Escape from Tarkov (which already features NVIDIA DLSS support). The game already supported FSR 1.0, but 2.1 should be a major upgrade for picture quality and performance. Also, technically, Battlestate has replaced Steam Audio with Oculus Audio, which it believes should provide significantly greater audio positioning accuracy when binaural audio is enabled.

Escape from Tarkov has received several other additions and tweaks with the patch, including new Light armor and Heavy armor skills, reworked Charisma skill, and several new options for co-op PvE mode (no energy and water drain; bot configuration; spawn point; choice options). weather; configure time of day), five new alarms, seven new weapons, and of course many bug fixes and balance changes.

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Do note that the update comes with a scan. Escape from Tarkov launched its beta phase five and a half years ago, and there is still no end in sight, but many, many players are still enjoying the game.

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