Street Fighter 6 release date has been leaked

After the leaked release date for Diablo IV shared by the Microsoft Store, it’s clear that the PlayStation Store wouldn’t want to be less leaked and less leaked. The Street Fighter 6 release date has been floated ahead of the official reveal from CAPCOM. The highly anticipated new installment in the beloved fighting game series will be released on the 2nd of June 2023.

The store page listed three versions of Street Fighter 6. Pre-ordering the standard model comes with the following:

  • Outfit 1 Color 10 for six characters
  • Titles and private labels

The Deluxe Edition adds the Year 1 Pass for the characters, while the Ultimate Edition adds the Year 1 Ultimate Pass.

Street Fighter 6 fans were definitely hoping for an early release date in 2023, but at least they’ll soon have the chance to play the game again, thanks to a second closed beta test scheduled for December 16-19.

Francesco checked the game during its first closed beta test and came away wishing for more playtime.

The closed beta felt like a team that cares deeply about their audience and wants to release the most complete Street Fighter yet.

Back when Street Fighter 6 was revealed I wasn’t completely sold on it, but two days with the closed beta completely changed my opinion of the game. The colorful, hip-hop-influenced aesthetic looks great in action, though some of the character animations are still a bit rough. Mostly, though, new gameplay mechanics and combat design for the cast made the 15 or so hours with the beta fun and made waiting for the full game that much more difficult.

As a reminder, Street Fighter 6 will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S| X with full cross-play between all platforms. Powered by the RE Engine (unlike Street Fighter 6, which runs on Unreal Engine), it also features undo net code for perfect online gameplay.

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