Starlink may face off against a new Russian radar that claims a location accuracy of 5m

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A Russian military blogger is going to start testing sets to detect Starlink satellite internet stations of SpaceX Technologies (SpaceX). These detection kits are manufactured by a weapons factory located in a Russian province of St. Petersburg, according to a website dedicated solely to their marketing. The site, along with a military blogger announcing on Telegram that these kits will be used on the battlefield, comes as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is about to enter its first New Year. Starlink has played a crucial role in enabling Ukrainians to maintain connectivity after devastating attacks on civilian infrastructure killed countless people and disrupted the way of life in the war-torn country.

The Starlink User Detection Kit claims to detect peripherals with an accuracy of up to 5m

The “cluster” appears to be a vehicle-mounted antenna with the sole purpose of hunting down Starlink stations. Dubbed “Porschevik” by its manufacturer, the equipment claims to have an accuracy of five meters when searching for a user’s dishes. A weapons manufacturer is building it in the Sestroretsk district of St. Petersburg, located in the western half of the world’s largest country by area.

The Sestroretsk Weapons Factory website is built in a somewhat amateurish fashion and only lists a Borschevik as a weapon – meaning it was created for this purpose only and especially to send the message that Russia is close to disrupting SpaceX’s awesome service. This isn’t the first time the Russians have indicated military action against Starlink, as multiple threats at the United Nations have seen them reserve the right to take military action against civilian infrastructure – such as Starlink satellites and those of Maxas Technologies – that is being used against them in the process. battlefield.

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While Starlink helped Ukrainians communicate with each other, Maxar satellites provided high-resolution images of Russian military positions.

An illustration of Borschevik on the battlefield discovering Starlink user terminals provided by a Sestroretsk Toolmaking Factory website is posted.

The specifications available on the website show that the kit can detect dishes with an accuracy of between five and sixty metres. It can be deployed in just five minutes, has a running range of 10 km, and takes 15 minutes to find the user’s dish (called pelengation). At this point, it’s crucial to note that the actual skill to use Borschevik will be from the Russian military since getting 10km into an enemy location means they’ll also have to deal with other problems in addition to chasing down Starlink user dishes. However, in extreme situations, it can provide the Russian side with an advantage depending on accuracy.

This lower bandwidth is likely to be affected by the frequency bands used by the equipment, which, according to the website, relies on the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz bands to function. Lower bands have lower bands as well, with other parameters, such as transmitter power, also playing a crucial role. On the other hand, Starlink does not use these bands to upload or download data from the more than 3,000 satellites orbiting Earth.

Finally, the website states that the Borschevik can also be painted in camo, and it relies solely on the vehicle’s power source to run. Sestroretsk Toolmaking Factory is one of the oldest ammunition factories in Russia. In fact, Russia’s King Peter the Great initially set up the factory in 1721, creating a sprawling city to house the workers.

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Finally, a Telegram post shared by Notebookcheck claims that a Russian military blogger is planning to test a Borschevik soon in Ukraine. The blogger explains that the kit was revealed to him in discussions about Escort Radar.

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