Star Wars Jedi Knight Academy & Jedi Knight II Outcast with Original Ray Tracing Mod looks very impressive

Artist Mr. Zianid It’s working on original ray-tracing mods for both Star Wars Jedi Knight Academy and Jedi Knight II Outcast, and the results are pretty impressive.

Zyanide’s goal is to turn both titles into real-time ray tracing using Q2RTX path tracing. Well, this is not just the usual ReShade RTGI shader, but a mod that implements the original ray tracing using path tracing. “I’ve always considered ray tracing to be the pinnacle of graphics, and now that it’s possible to do it in real time, I wanted to learn all about this new technology,” the artist explains on his blog in May 2021. Upon the release of the RTX cards, I found out that the Jedi Outcast code is open source and since I love the game I decided to combine the two.”

On Twitter, the artist has now released a new two-minute video showcasing the Jedi Knight Academy with improved reflections and various other improvements. It should be noted that this video only shows the technology behind the mod, and as such, some of the reflections are not final yet (the floor for example).

No release date for this original ray tracing mod has yet to be revealed, and we’ll update you as soon as more information emerges on this ambitious project.

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