Star Wars Creative Director Ubisoft Game makes clear New Year’s message meaning after release window confusion

It really doesn’t get any clearer than it does in the title, folks. A message about how the development team behind Ubisoft’s upcoming Star Wars game caused some confusion among gamers after it was published. Because of this, many players guessed in the 2023 release window, which in turn made the person who originally sent the message state their position.

This happened on the first of January as the creative director of the project Julien Geretti tweet a message Pointing out that the year 2023 will be “huge” for the development studio Massive Entertainment, wishing its followers a Happy New Year. This tweet then led players to guess that the game would essentially launch sometime during the year, forcing the creative director to make a follow-up post explaining the meaning behind the New Year’s message.

Unfortunately, this means that there will be no Star Wars game from Ubisoft released this year. However, we may at least be able to see some form of advertising for them throughout the year. Either that or the development team is going to have a really good time developing the game if Julian’s message is anything to go by.

However, it should come as no surprise to many of our readers seeing how the rumormill currently states that the game will be released in 2025 at the earliest. Currently very little is known about the Star Wars project by Massive Entertainment. Last year, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot stated that the game is in an early stage of development, so it will take some time to learn more about it.

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At least this isn’t the only Star Wars-related project currently in development, as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be released on March 17th. Meanwhile, we still have the release of games that will be released in the future, such as Star Wars Eclipse, which is currently being developed by Quantic Dream.

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