Spencer said Call of Duty on Switch will take some time

Xbox chief Phil Spencer said getting Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch will take some time.

Earlier this week, Microsoft committed to bringing the Call of Duty series to the Nintendo Switch if the Activision-Blizzard megadeal is approved. After this announcement, many started asking questions about how this happened as Nintendo has long refrained from releasing Call of Duty games on its platform. The last game in the franchise to be released on the Nintendo platform Call of Duty: Ghosts came to Wii-U back in 2013.

So if the Microsoft Activision deal passes, when will we see Call of Duty games on Nintendo’s platform? Well, as Spencer points out in a new interview with The Washington Post, the games won’t be immediately available on Switch. Instead, it will take some time.

“You can imagine if [the deal] “It closed on that date, and it’s likely that it will take some time to start the development work to make that happen,” the Xbox boss said, referring to June next year, when Microsoft expects the deal to close by then. “Once we get into the rhythm of this, our plan is then [a Call of Duty game] It launches on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, and will also be available on Nintendo at the same time. “

Spencer went on to point out the Minecraft franchise that was brought to Nintendo’s platform as well as other platforms.

“We’re going to do that with Minecraft as well, where we’re going to do specific work to get the game to work well on their Nintendo Switch and their silicon and fully support their platform,” he said. “We do the same when we ship on PlayStation 5.”

The head of Xbox was also asked about getting a game like Call of Duty to run on the somewhat lower-spec Switch.

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“Minecraft and Call of Duty are two different games. But from how you get games on Nintendo, how you manage a development team targeting multiple platforms, that’s an experience we have.”

Some interesting words from Spencer and we’ll have to wait and see how the Microsoft Activision-Blizzard deal plays out before we consider getting Call of Duty games on Nintendo’s platform. What are your thoughts on this matter? Hit comments.

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