Special Division and Bloober Team are partners in the new horror game

Private Division has announced a new collaboration with the Bloober team. The publisher has signed an agreement to publish a new survival horror IP that people who worked on games like Layers of Fear and The Medium are currently working on. It seems as if Bloober is finally starting to take more risks in the horror genre.

This new partnership was also created to unveil the Special Division Development Fund announced by the company to celebrate its fifth anniversary. The fund was set up to “support smaller independent development teams with project funding and mentorship opportunities to enable them to self-publish their ambitious titles”.

Certainly an ambitious goal, especially with the amount of help Special Division has provided other independent companies in the past. The fund aims to help developers such as Die Gute Fabrik, Radical Forge, and Lost Native. As for the current partnership, we don’t know much about the game except for a few details that were revealed in a statement made by Bloober Team CEO, Piotr Babieno. Here’s what he had to say about the publishing partnership:

Our next project is a new exciting survival horror game, which will help us become leaders in the horror industry in general. I am grateful for this cooperation with the special department. Their experience is vast, and their people are also very friendly. We don’t catch it in a typical “publisher-developer” relationship; They are more like a friend who shows us support or keeps us in line when we need it most.

What will come of this partnership between Private Division and Bloober Team? We sure hope it turns out to be a great product. For now, we can at least be happy about the remake of Silent Hill 2 (or not) that they’re making in partnership with Konami. With some hopes, maybe this is a brighter future for the Bloober team as they start producing better horror experiences.

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