How to Record Discord Audio in OBS

How to Record Discord Audio in OBS

Discord is an excellent platform that connects people from different communities and offers endless communication tools. The downside is that most of the action takes place in real time. Discord audio cannot be recorded and saved for future use. This is where OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) comes in handy. We created this guide to help … Read more

Can you view old snaps on Snapchat? How to access lost Snapchat media

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Snapchat’s entire business model is based on the idea that you can send photos to friends that disappear in seconds. Until said friends take it upon themselves to take a screenshot and save the screenshot, the screenshot will be lost in the ether, gone forever, kaput. The principle is meant to inspire whimsy, silliness and … Read more

How to delete all your tweets by date

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Is your Twitter cluttered with years of carefree sharing of thoughts? Sometimes it’s fun to look at old tweets, but other times it’s probably better to destroy all evidence of an embarrassing past. But how can you even find that poorly worded reply you sent someone last Thanksgiving? Twitter doesn’t exactly make browsing our own … Read more

How to embed a video on Twitter

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Twitter is a globally popular social media and microblogging service. However, its 280 character limit can be restrictive. Fortunately, Twitter users can get around the restrictions and say a little more by including video in their tweets. With all these exciting videos flying around Twitter, there are more opportunities to come across one that you’d … Read more

Messenger vs. Messenger Lite

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When Messenger first launched, it was nothing more than a text messaging program. However, today it has become a powerful app with countless features that could keep users busy for days. Still, not all users welcomed these advanced options and switched to the stripped-down Messenger Lite. This article discusses how these two similar apps work, … Read more

Instagram messages blacked out? Try these fixes

Instagram Messages Blacked Out

Popular apps like Instagram are sometimes plagued by unusual bugs and glitches that prevent perfect functionality. Lately, direct messages that appear to be completely black have been common. This prevents users from reading what someone else has sent them. Look no further if you’ve had enough of this problem. The community suggests some solid solutions … Read more

How to find friends in a specific city on Facebook

How to Find Friends in a Specific City in Facebook

Finding friends on Facebook is not as complicated as searching for someone’s name. But what happens when you need to narrow down your friend’s city? Unfortunately, Facebook does not make it easy to find friends in a specific city. Regardless, it’s not impossible. This article guides you to find new Facebook friends by city. How … Read more