Skyrim DLSS and FSR2 Mod is now available for download

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLSS and FSR2 (plus XeSS) are now available for download.

In October of this year, we reported that the “PureDark” mod was working on extended mods for various titles, including Skyrim, Fallout 4, and Resident Evil Village. As explained by the designer, this exciting new project aims to introduce DLSS, FSR2 and XeSS support in said games. The mod received its first impressive screenshots last month, and ‘PureDark’ promises it will be publicly released soon. Fast forward one month, and this exciting new mod is now available for download for the Special and Anniversary Editions of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

We already mentioned it last month, but the results of using DLSS and FSR2 in Skyrim are pretty amazing. We have included the notes made by the modifier for this mod below:

  • DLSS/FSR2/XeSS Do not work with ENBbut you can still use DLAA with ENB since there is no upgrade.
  • An alternative version with ENB compatibility is under development, and Boris also said he will do compatibility on his part, when he does this version will be ENB compatible.
  • Note that they are two different things, ENB had a problem with DRS, that’s why it doesn’t work with this mod, I made a workaround myself using a totally different method but it works extreme. When Boris decides to make DRS compliance, this mod will work without any change needed.
  • Non-RTX cards cannot use DLSS/DLAA, but you can use FSR2 and XeSS.
  • But since both FSR2 and XeSS are not officially released DX11 implementation, I had to make a DX11/DX12 hybrid solution, so your card must support at least DX12 to use FSR2 and XeSS
  • It does support VR, but there are little gains with this mod due to the lost performance of processing the entire VR texture when too many pixels are visible or invisible.
  • A VR version that fixes improved DLSS and other improvements is currently being developed specifically for VR.
  • The performance gain depends on how limited your GPU is, if you don’t see any gain that’s pretty normal, you are most likely CPU limited.
  • Even if you can’t get more FPS in a CPU limited situation, you get superior AA from the DLSS pipeline, it’s much better than TAA, or you can just use DLAA (at performance cost).

Those interested in trying this new mod can download it via Nexusmods here. As always, follow the installation instructions provided before downloading and using this mod.

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