Definition and types of Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Pengertian dan Jenis Jenis SSL Secure Socket Layer

Continuing the previous article on the difference between HTTP and HTTPS, this article will discuss the types of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Recently, Google Chrome and Apple announced that they will provide insecure notifications to websites that don’t use SSL/HTTPS. this is done so that internet users can exchange information/data securely on a website. So, … Read more

Types of Ransomware Virus Attacks


On this occasion, let’s try to discuss the types of virus attacks Ransomware. This virus is widely spread on internet we should know how this virus works. Order computers or gadgets we are not easily infected by ransomware viruses.Read also: Definition and types of Ransomware malware. Ransomware created to attack one type of platform, such … Read more

8 ways to protect Gmail accounts from hackers

mengamankan gmail

In the rapid development of technology, especially the Internet. Email is a must, not only for the purpose of sending/receiving messages, but email is also useful as a link with various important applications, such as banking applications. this makes the email the main target of the hackers or irresponsible people to steal important data you. … Read more

Top 5 hacker movies to watch

mr robot 1

In this article, I will talk about top 5 hacker movies that are interesting to watch. Hacker is a person or group of people who are experts in the field of computers, be it programming Software or hardware computer. 5 movies hackers this best will give a little picture of hacker life in living life. … Read more