Secondly, the Callisto Protocol PC patch has been released; Additional PC and console improvements are incoming

The second The Callisto Protocol PC patch has been published by Striking Distance Studios, and here’s what it does.

As you may have learned by now, the PC version of the game is a mess in terms of performance. A few days ago, the developer had already released a patch aimed at fixing the apparent framerate and crash issues, and today we have another update that should reduce the stuttering issues even further. In addition, this new patch aims to improve the caching of Pipeline State Objects (PSO) on the PC. No official release notes have been shared yet, but the update has been released announce Via the official Twitter account of the game several hours ago.

“We’re listening to your feedback and working hard to improve PC performance even further. Today we released a new PC update that improves PSO caching and further reduces any stuttering issues,” the tweet reads.

In addition to the above, the game’s development team has announced that an additional patch is in the works, which packs more PC and console improvements. No other details about this upcoming update have been shared.

We will update you as soon as we learn more about this upcoming new update for both PC and consoles. Did the new PC patch improve performance for you? Click on the comments below.

The Callisto Protocol is now available globally for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Here’s what our very own Alessio Palumbo had to say about the status of the PC version upon release:

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To be clear, The Callisto Protocol PC optimization issues are not limited to this. We tried turning off ray tracing, which can be enabled for shadows, reflections, and something called casting (only after activating shadows), and the frame rate jumped back to 122.2fps, an increase of 61.4%. Ray tracing effects don’t look much better compared to raster effects, so we definitely recommend turning them off. However, it will not fix the horrible stuttering.

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