Sapphire Rapids-WS CPU support, 16 ‘8-Channel’ DDR5 DIMMs, plenty of PCIe Gen5 slots

Supermicro’s upcoming W790 motherboard for Intel’s Sapphire Rapids-WS Xeon Workstation CPUs has leaked.

First Cover Spacer for W790 Motherboard, Supermicro E-ATX Design with 16 DDR5 DIMM Slots, Huge LGA 4677 Socket and Six PCIe Gen5 Slots

Last week, we reported that Intel would announce the Sapphire Rapids-WS ‘Xeon Workstation’ lineup by February 2023 with a planned launch in April 2023, and now, the first Supermicro W790 motherboard has leaked by Videocardz. The image may be low quality but it still gives us an insight into what’s in store for the new Fishhawk Falls platformer for workstations and HEDT creators for PC.

Starting with the design, this motherboard is specifically the Supermicro X13SWA-TF which was listed just a few days ago at the price of $960 USD. The motherboard features the new LGA 4677 (Socket P) which will support the latest Sapphire Rapids-WS family branded Xeon CPUs. The CPU gets its power from an 8 + 2 phase power delivery which is enhanced by a dual 8-pin power connector layout.

The Supermicro W790 motherboard comes with the latest LGA 4677 socket designed to support the next generation of Intel Sapphire Rapids-WS Xeon Workstation CPUs. (Image credits: Videocardz)

For the memory layout, the Supermicro W790 motherboard features a total of 16 DDR5 DIMM slots, supporting up to 1TB of memory (64GB modules) with 8-channel (2DPC) memory. Because DDR5 passes voltage regulation to the DIMMs instead of being placed on the board itself, we can’t tell which DRAM VRMs are on the sides of the motherboard like the previous generation design.

Going further in expansion, the Supermicro W790 motherboard features a total of 6 PCIe x16 slots which must use the Gen5 protocol because Sapphire Rapids Xeon chips offer PCIe Gen 5.0 capabilities. One thing to note is that the Sapphire Rapids-WS Xeon CPU lineup will come in two flavor lines, the Xeon W-3000 line will feature 8-channel and 112-lane DDR5 support while the Xeon W-2000 line will have 4-channel and 64-channel DDR5 support. lane , as you reported OneRaichu.

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There are also three M.2 slots on the board which should be Gen5 compatible as well. There are 8 SATA III ports, 2 U.2 ports, and a good selection of I/O ports on the back. Supermicro, just like many other manufacturers, will offer this and many other W790-class motherboards about to launch.

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