Samsung is rumored to have pushed back the Galaxy S23 launch date, and the company hasn’t decided on pricing either

It was previously reported that the Galaxy S23 will be launched in the first week of February, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Samsung is rumored to have stopped the reveal process. The Korean giant also seems hesitant about the pricing of its upcoming flagship smartphones, and with so many high-end alternatives available to consumers, the company must tread carefully with its decision.

Galaxy S23 may launch in mid or late February; Samsung has not yet decided on a price

The update was provided by Anthony on Twitter, who can also be recognized by his @TheGalox handle. It is possible that Samsung deliberately delayed the launch of the Galaxy S23 due to this pricing dilemma. Earlier, dummy units of all three upcoming models were leaked online, revealing that for 2023, Samsung is making no effort to change the outer shell of its flagship offering.

Assuming there are little or no changes in appearance, it doesn’t make sense for Samsung to charge a higher price for any Galaxy S23 model. In fact, our approach will be to price the base Galaxy S23 as low as possible to make it very competitive in emerging markets. Samsung could then charge more for the Galaxy S23 Plus and Galaxy S23 Ultra, since both are set to arrive with more upgrades, generating significant revenue.

Predict the Galaxy S23 regarding its launch date and pricing

Samsung could charge customers a higher price if all Galaxy S23 models arrive with unique features like satellite communications, which are already supported on Apple’s iPhone 14 series. Additionally, all versions shipping with the overclocked Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 might make it an attractive proposition for customers, but the majority of buyers probably won’t worry too much about the in-depth specs.

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So far, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the only version that will exclusively feature a vapor chamber cooler, along with more cameras, a larger battery, and other upgrades, which makes perfect sense if Samsung were to charge customers more to move up to this flagship. Hopefully, before the company officially announces the Galaxy Unpacked launch date, we’ll get to know more about the pricing, so stay tuned for more updates.

news source: Anthony

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