Resident Evil 4 Remake retains the divisive island division, a dedicated team working on it

It looks like Capcom’s highly anticipated remake of Resident Evil 4 will largely take a wart approach based on the early trailers and footage. Of course, iconic moments such as the confrontation with the Chainsaw Man and infected villagers will return, but even the more bizarre aspects (considering Ramon Salazar) are kept. That said, one thing we are you did not Any hint of the original RE4’s final chapter is seen, which is set on an artificial island and features an action movie approach, including a confrontation with rival Leon Krauser. The island is considered by many to be the weakest segment of RE4, and the combination of a lack of confirmation from Capcom and various rumors has led to speculation that the division may have been cut.

Well, not so fast. In a recent release of Edge (get your subscription here), it’s been confirmed that the island will be back. In fact, it looks like it might expand. According to Resident Evil 4 remake director Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, Capcom took a unique approach to developing the RE4 remake, dividing the team into three, with each focusing on a major area – the village, castle, and island. These teams then brought their work together to create a unified whole.

Our approach was very nuanced. Instead of saying, “Oh, we struggled to make it in the original because of the technological limitations we can master now,” we took the hundreds of small individual elements that made up the original gameplay experience and remade those buildings and polished them into blocks. […] This new version is very much the sum of many parts.”

Hirabayashi also promises that there will be more focus on characters and drama this time around…

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“We developed character drama, specifically the interactions between the characters and their personalities. The original game was more “game” in that sense — story scenes were there mostly to serve the pace of play. Single-player story games have evolved since then, so it was important to incorporate story elements. We tried Ensuring that this new version feels like a completely modern, story-driven single-player experience in that sense.”

The Resident Evil remake launches on PC, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 on March 24, 2023.

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