Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid adds cross-play, cross-progression, a new map, and more

Today, Ubisoft released the highly anticipated Operation Solar Raid update for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. The competitive tactical first-person shooter turned seven recently, and now it’s received some meaningful additions, like cross-play and cross-platform progression.

Console players will now be able to team up with friends from other consoles via Ubisoft Connect. Players who wish to opt out of crossplay may turn off the Crossplay Matchmaking feature in the options menu. After logging into their Ubisoft Connect accounts, players’ progress, currency, and items will be shared across all platforms. In addition, their Ubisoft Connect account will receive one free Alpha Pack.

You can read all about cross-platform sync rules in this helpful article to find out exactly what does and doesn’t happen. Operation Solar Raid also adds a new map called Nighthaven Labs and a new Colombian player called Solis.

As an extension of Nighthaven’s main headquarters, the map’s open sea, green cliffs, and clear skies invite players to explore its impressive architecture and technological marvels on display. The interior features many access points, allowing for free-flowing navigation, especially if players are prepared to knock down several breakable walls. Both attackers and defenders will have to avoid getting too comfortable as they can easily get surrounded and lose position. Designed for creative strategies, this R&D facility challenges players to take advantage of unusual opportunities like a running slot right outside the boardroom.

With its SPEC-IO electrical sensor collecting information critical to a coordinated strategy, Solis can clearly analyze and identify attacker devices including drones, hacking devices, and more. Her gloves also allow her to interact with the tool overlay and trigger block scanning. Solis is a medium speed, medium health operator who carries a P90 or ITA 12L as a primary weapon and an SMG-11 as a secondary weapon.

Last but not least, Ubisoft is also introducing a branching battle pass, ranked 2.0 (where rating is no longer determined by MMR but by the number of rating points gained or lost after each match), and an experimental reputation system.

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