Project AIDA is a sci-fi survival horror made for UE5 by the studio behind FOBIA: Hotel St.

Brazilian indie company Pulsatrix Studios has unveiled a new sci-fi survival horror game codenamed Project AIDA. Powered by Unreal Engine 5, Project AIDA looked great showing off real-time gameplay for the first time.

Pulsatrix Studios may not be a familiar name to most gamers. However, they have recently released another survival horror game called Fobia – St.

Phobia – Saint Dinefna Hotel has had a warm reception since its launch. There are currently 88% positive user reviews on Steam, which bodes well ahead of the upcoming release of Project AIDA. Here is an overview of the phobia – Hotel Saint Dineve:

Treze Trilhas is home to the St. Hoping to break the story, amateur journalist Roberto Lett López travels to Santa Catarina following a tip from his friend Stephanie. His investigative skills will be required to not only uncover the truth but to survive when reality is turned upside down with his discovery of a camera that reveals various timelines, fanatical cults, human experiments, and apparitions roaming the halls. Solve puzzles and find anything to stop their chase as the past, present and future collide.

• Explore a Grand Hotel – The Unreal Engine brings terrifyingly realistic visuals to a first-person horror experience.
• Survival in Terror – Scavenge for supplies while running, hiding or fighting monsters that haunt the corridors.
• Unravel the Mystery – Worlds collide in a twisting story full of mysteries and intrigue.
• See the past and the future – Interact with different timelines using a camera obscura that connects parallel realities to reveal the many secrets hidden in the walls of the hotel.

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