Production of the Atari VCS has been discontinued as the company is trying to reorganize its hardware business

It looks like Atari’s VCS and its various bugs will have bigger consequences in the near future, than it looks. Atari has already been on a sinking ship, figuratively speaking, and if the report from Tom’s Hardware is anything to go by, the console may not live much longer, if at all.

In Atari’s 2022/23 semi-annual earnings report, the company reported a revenue figure of $4.65 million, which is a 27% decrease compared to its 2021/22 semi-annual report. Absolute cliff, with a 92% On a yearly basis, it is down to $212,466 (which was previously $2.44 million).

In an effort to cope with these staggering losses, Atari began to reorganize its hardware business. Part of this realignment includes suspending direct hardware manufacturing relationships when it comes to VCS. Spoilers: The console’s performance was pretty poor.

Curiously, despite the console’s near commercial failure, Atari still pushed by initiating a new strategy focused on developing “new hardware complementing the Atari VCS with partners under licensing contracts.”

As it stands now, the Atari VCS 800 All-in Bundle is not sold in many stores outside of Atari stores. Big box stores like Target don’t sell it anymore, and it doesn’t appear anywhere on their website, which is already a bad sign. Other places like Amazon don’t have stocks of it, and that’s even worse.

Obviously, the hardware department is in serious trouble. For what it’s worth, executives can cut their losses and stop producing VCS and anything console-related soon. It’s definitely not out of the question, as the company has a history of bits and pieces. At least we still have the Atari 50 Celebration game. This story is currently developing, and we will provide updates on the future of the Atari VCS as they become available.

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