Pricing revealed for Corsair’s Connector-Shifting Shift ATX 3.0 PSU: 1,200W for $189.99

Corsair will soon be releasing its SHIFT PSU variant of the connector that uses the latest ATX 3.0 standard. These PSUs were revealed a few days ago, unofficially, and now we have pricing for the entire suite.

The Corsair SHIFT ATX 3.0 PSU lineup starts at $115 for the 750-watt model, and goes up to $190 for the 1,200-watt

The Corsair SHIFT series PSUs have various features such as ATX 3.0 certification, Three different models (CP-9020254-NA, CP-9020253-NA, and CP-9020252-NA) w/ each linked to 1200W, 1000W, and 850W models Corsair’s Type 5 Gen 1 Microelectronic Power Supply Cables Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan 140 mm, and 80 PLUS Gold certified. Now Corsair does not have any visible Gen5.0 connectors in their SHIFT lineup but will provide an adapter for use with graphics cards that use 12VHPWR sockets.

The most unique aspect of the PSU lineup is that instead of having the connectors on the front, they are moved to the side. It begs the question whether Corsair is on to something with its new designs and whether this is the beginning of a “shift” in power supply design by other companies. Corsair has not used a Gen5 ’12VHPWR’ connector on their SHIFT PSUs and that may have something to do with the gross clearance offered on the side of the PSU. As we know, a 12VHPWR connector needs about 35mm of clearance before it can be bent, and most mATX or even ATX cases don’t have that kind of space on the sides. As such, Corsair may have chosen to use standard 8-pin connectors that can be fed into a 12VHPWR adapter.

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With that said, the Corsair SHIFT PSU kit is priced fairly decently, starting at $115 for the base 750W model. The RM850 costs just $5 at $120. The high-end lineup tops out at the $150 range starting with the $160 RM1000 SHIFT and the flagship RM1200 ‘SHIFT RM1200’ costing $190. Below is the price list:

  • RM750 SHIFT PSU (750W) – $115.00
  • RM850 SHIFT PSU (850W) – $120.00
  • RM1000 SHIFT PSU (1000W) – $160
  • RM1200 SHIFT PSU (1200W) – $190

Expect more information from Corsair such as retail availability, final specs, and more in the coming days.

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