Portal RTX wants you to believe the cake [STILL] Lie” and scan QR codes to change your reality

Valve’s Portal recently received an RTX upgrade, enhancing ray tracing and path tracing in one of the most popular games of all time. However, your perception of reality in the game will be further tested as NVIDIA engineers have placed QR codes throughout the game, altering the appearance of the accompanying cubes.

RTX portal ripe with easter eggs, many nods to NVIDIA technology through the use of scannable QR codes

YouTuber 2kliksphilip recently uploaded a video to his channel, “The Cheats and Secrets of Portal RTX.” While the video shows the various QR codes he found, he also attempted several cheats for the first two Portal games. Interestingly, he noticed that some traces of the rays were somewhat shattered. This is not surprising, as the new RTX version is an upgrade from the original game released in 2007.

Airboat spawning commands, Portal 2 weapon spawning, weapons popping up in inappropriate locations, and many more uncuts later, 2kliksphilip sets out to find the first QR codes the engineers put into the game. Also, there are many NVIDIA RTX references in the game, which adds to the humor of the Portal series.

While a reliable source has stated that more QR codes have been discovered than in a YouTube video, it’s impressive to see a fifteen-year-old game that looks like today’s graphical standards. And it has been added to the slowly growing list of games that are getting a graphical upgrade, as was seen most recently with the first-person shooter, Quake.

2kliksphilip ends his video by placing several mirror cubes in a fire pit to disrupt the game. He states that he experienced a slight slowdown with his system, but he’s still impressed that we’ve reached this level of graphical optimization and optimization as quickly as we have, with the technology seeming to be more advanced than what was available just a few years ago.

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If you still own a copy of Portal, the new RTX version is free for users. However, if you’ve never had the chance to play the game, now is the perfect time to jump into the portal and find the puzzles inside this revolutionary puzzle.

News sources: VideoCardz, 2kliksphilip (YouTube)

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