PlayStation 5 sales have surpassed 30 million worldwide

Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, announced that PlayStation 5 sales have surpassed 30 million units worldwide.

Ryan shared the impressive sales number during a CES 2023 press conference a few hours ago. According to Ryan, December 2022 was the biggest sales month so far for PS5. Additionally, the SIE chief confirmed that PS5 shortages should be a thing of the past.

“The PS5 is at the heart of all this innovation,” Ryan said. “We really appreciate the support and patience of the PlayStation community as we have successfully met unprecedented demand amid global challenges over the past two years.”

Ryan continued, “The PS5 offering has gotten better at the end of last year, and I’m happy to share that December was the biggest month ever for PS5 hardware sales and that we’ve now sold over 30 million units to consumers around the world. Whoever wants a PS5 should have time.” Much easier to find one at retailers globally, from this point on.”

The CEO also had something to say about titles coming to PS5 later this year.

With the launch of PS VR2 imminent, and blockbuster games like Final Fantasy XVI, Hogwarts Legacy and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 coming to PlayStation 5 later this year, it’s never been a more exciting time to be a part of the PlayStation community.

In November last year, Sony announced that it had sold more than 25 million PS5 units worldwide as of September 2022 (end of Q2 FY22). This means that Sony managed to sell another 5 million PS5 consoles in three months. Based on Sony’s past financial results, the company sold approximately 3.3 million units in the prior quarter.

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Already published inventory numbers indicate that Sony was apparently stocking up for the holiday season. In June 2022, Sony announced that it has sold over 20 million PS5 consoles.

We are excited to share that Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has sold over 20 million PlayStation 5 consoles globally. Since the launch of PS5, our teams have worked tirelessly to deliver a truly next-generation game console that has won the world over and we want to take this time to thank fans for their support.

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