Phison 8TB SSD has received NASA certification, and is ready for a lunar lunar mission in 2023

Phison Electronics Corporation announced that the 8TB M.2 2280 SSD has passed the spaceflight qualifications required by Lonestar Data Holdings’ primary data center mission in space.

Phison’s 8TB SSD ready for launch in 2023 after being NASA certified with passing TRL-6 tests

An 8TB hard drive was chosen by a contractor for Lonestar, Skycorp, a space logistics company and partner of Phison Electronics. Skycorp has also been awarded partner status in Lonestar for engineering design and manufacturing for the upcoming mission, which will launch in the second half of next year.

After an extensive testing and certification process, Phison is thrilled that our SSD technology has passed all the stringent requirements of Lonestar’s upcoming moon mission. We are excited to play a vital role in this important mission, and many others to come as we continue our foray into the new frontier. We also want to thank our valued customer, Lonestar, and our partner, Skycorp, for helping make this happen.

– KS Pua, CEO, Phison

Phison earned a NASA Technology Readiness Level 6 Certificate, or TRL-6, by completing several corresponding flight and space tests, such as the vacuum conditions experienced in space travel and tests for the extremely cold temperatures you might encounter on the lunar surface. In addition, Phison had to test its SSD against environmental and stress tests experienced during the SpaceX Falcon 9 flight at commercial and government testing facilities in Silicon Valley.

Lonestar will launch the initial data center to be sent to the Moon as “a payload on the NOVA-C lander of the Intuitive Instruments under NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program.” Skycorp will provide advanced multi-core RISC-V chips for space server architectures and Phison’s SSD.

Phison proves to be a great provider. We are really pleased that the qualification tests have gone well, and that our payload has passed these next essential steps for spaceflight. Our next giant leap is the moon itself.

– Christopher Stott, Founder and CEO, Lonestar Data Holdings, Inc.

Last September, Phison and Skycorp announced the partnership, stating that the main focus would be on in-space processing and data archiving.

Space is in transition, and using high-quality commercial components in a space environment is often complex. Phison has not only demonstrated the quality of its products, but also its impressive product engineering support for our efforts.

– Dennis Wingo, CEO, Skycorp

Phison has an 8GB uSSD used on the Mars Perseverance Rover and a 4TB SSD on the International Space Station. The SSD is used for Skycorp’s RISC-V based computer system.

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News source: Phison Blog

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