PC Returns port announced during The Game Awards 2022

Returnal has been out for quite some time and is a third-person shooter similar to games like Risk of Rain 2. The game has been a PlayStation 5 exclusive since its release last year, and some whispers about it have spread across other platforms. the past few months. Today at The Game Awards 2022, an update on this front was finally revealed.

In one of the industry’s worst kept secrets of late, Returnal for PC was announced. The stores the game will be launching on were not revealed; No release date shown, only gameplay screenshots. You can watch the launch trailer for the all-new Returnal PC below.

So, yes, Returnal is on PC. officially, this time. But actually, it’s been a big thing for a good part of the year. When we reviewed Returnal last year, we had something to say about it:

“With the exception of a sci-fi horror story that doesn’t quite reveal the slow building, Housemarque has perfectly succeeded in incorporating third-person shooter and roguelike elements into Returnal, one of my favorite character titles on PlayStation 5 to date.”

Previously, it had been leaked several times through various means. Three months ago, the Housemarque developer group showed off a build aimed at showcasing visual effects design within a game. This stream has actually confirmed that there is a PC version in some capacity. It only gets stiffer from there.

The following month, more PC-related information appeared in the form of PC graphics settings, such as AMD FSR and NVIDIA DLSS support. And on that note, the title could come out tomorrow or sometime next year. We don’t know yet, but we’ll keep updating as more information about Returnal is released.

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Returnal is now available exclusively on PlayStation 5. A PC version has been officially announced, but no confirmed release date has been revealed.

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