NVIDIA’s next-generation Blackwell GPU architecture will be released in 2024

Slowly but surely, the details surrounding NVIDIA’s upcoming Blackwell architecture are starting to coalesce and become tangible. We’ve been hearing about the name for a while, seen GPU naming leaks and then heard rumors that NVIDIA is in talks with TSMC to develop Blackwell on TSMC’s 3nm node but this is the first (false) official confirmation that the architecture will, in fact, launch in 2024 as is. is expected.

NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs to succeed Hopper in 2024: GB100, GB102 and GB202 GPUs in the pipeline

While answering a question at the Arete Tech Conference 2022, NVIDIA’s Ian Buck confirmed that the company is fully committed to releasing a major GPGPU architecture every two years and Hopper was released this year. This was in response to potential new developments in 2023 and confirms that the Blackwell GPU architecture will launch in 2024 (since we know that is the architecture that will succeed Hopper), which was the projected schedule based on NVIDIA’s historical cadence anyway.

David Blackwell is the inspiration for NVIDIA’s next-generation Blackwell architecture.

Q: …maybe I touch on kind of customer reactions to new products and what you think is happening at the peak of AI development and how do you see all of this evolving into 2023?

A:…..We make new GP builds every two years. We committed to new CPU architecture also every two years and it was very exciting to launch Hopper this year. ”

…… “So, I think, it’s going to be exciting, it’s exciting, and this Hooper transition is just another crank turn that 2023 will bring even more and we’ll be happy — and again, 2024 to keep coming back to you guys and telling you the next thing as we are” .

-Ian Buck, Vice President and General Manager, Datacenter Business, NVIDIA by Looking for Alpha

NVIDIA Hopper was the world’s fastest 4nm GPU at launch and the world’s first with HBM3 memory. It specs higher than the NVIDIA RTX 4090 (which has 16,384 CUDA cores) with a net total of 18,432 CUDA cores. Blackwell will provide significant generational improvements over Hopper (as has always been the case). Four NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs have already been confirmed in a previous leak.

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The text string initially found in the dump file is also given below (courtesy of Videocardz):

Image credits: Videocardz.com

Below is a short biography taken from the Wikipedia page of Dr. David Blackwell.

David Harold Blackwell (April 24, 1919 – July 8, 2010) was an American statistician and mathematician who made significant contributions to game theory, probability theory, information theory, and statistics. It is one of the names synonymous with the Rao-Blackwell theory. He was the first African American inducted into the National Academy of Sciences, the first tenured black faculty member at the University of California, Berkeley, and the seventh African American to earn a Ph.D. In mathematics.

Not much is known about the Blackwell GPU series at this point (obviously) as it is nothing more than a text string at this point. All we know is that this series will likely be entered after the Hopper GPUs (which were released in parallel with the Ada Lovelace flagship GPUs). It has now been confirmed that this nomenclature does not refer to consumer GPUs but to Hooper’s successor.

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