New Witcher 3 Next-Gen footage focuses on epic fight sequences with new camera setups

New generation footage of The Witcher 3 was shared online today, providing a fresh look at the new version of the game ahead of its launch next week.

The new footage that was shared with the series. Official Twitter profilefeaturing some of the combat sequences set in Velen, Skellige, and Toussaint with new camera settings, that make fighting enemies feel more epic than ever.

The new camera settings are just a small part of the additions that will come to The Witcher 3 with the next-gen update. Among them are ray tracing features including ray tracing ambient occlusion, shadows, reflections, and FSR 2 support on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, a new portrait mode, and more. The new update will also support some of the most popular mods available for the base game at launch.

The Witcher 3 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch worldwide. The next generation update will launch next week, on December 14, on PCs and current generation PCs.

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