New MacBook Pro and Mac mini models may be announced tomorrow with improved Apple Silicon

Apple may surprise the majority of us tomorrow with an announcement where it not only updates the existing 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models with newer models but also the latest Mac mini with more powerful Apple Silicon. Now, it all depends on whether a press release is released tomorrow.

If not tomorrow, Apple may hold an announcement on Wednesday or Thursday

Since Apple will not seek a design change with the updated MacBook Pro and Mac mini models, the only improvements we can expect to see are those under the hood. This may be one of the reasons Jon Prosser teased through his FrontPageTech Twitter account that Apple could run some ads through the press room webpage. Assuming the company doesn’t have any announcements lined up for tomorrow, there’s no reason to be disappointed.

That’s because 9to5Mac says that according to an anonymous whistleblower, Apple may have an unveiling on Wednesday or Thursday this week, with a ban on Monday, January 23rd. None of these predictions specifically say that updated MacBook Pro and Mac mini models will launch tomorrow, but given that these are the only models said to have the same design as their predecessors, we think Apple would like to move forward with these models first.

Speaking of the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, both were slated to launch last year, but Apple reportedly delayed them, possibly due to issues with chip sourcing. These Mac laptops are rumored to feature M2 Pro or M2 Max options, along with faster, more energy-efficient RAM. For the Mac mini, Apple could bundle it with the M2, and if consumers are lucky, they might be treated to the more powerful M2 Pro.

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Of course, we have no way of confirming these rumors, so remember to take all of this with a pinch of salt and leave your fingers crossed for any announcements that come out tomorrow.

news source: FrontPageTech

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