New Callisto protocol patch enables Ray-Traced reflections on Xbox Series X; Also Bug Fixex packs and improvements

A new Callisto protocol patch has been published, which finally enables Ray-Traced reflections on Xbox Series X.

The feature has been missing on Microsoft’s console since the game launched, although it was present on PlayStation 5. Fortunately, those playing on Xbox Series X can now take advantage of ray tracing reflections. In addition to enabling this feature, this new update packs several bug fixes and improvements. Exact details about these bug fixes and improvements are not provided.

On Twitter, Striking Distance Studios CEO Glen Schofield explained that aside from ray tracing reflections, the Xbox Series X version now also benefits from several tweaks.

Xbox [Series] X now has small inversions and tweaks,” CEO chirp. “It looks great (imo) and plays really well, give it a try. There’s a lot of noise in there. We’re still playing it.”

The Callisto protocol was released earlier this month and has since received several patches in order to improve the game’s buggy PC performance. Here is what Kay Powell had to say about the game in his review:

Tight camera angles, moody environments scattered about abandoned bases and ships, and an ever-strong ambient soundtrack all help Callisto Protocol fit into the survival horror Dead Space has been creating for nearly a decade and a half. That inspiration is perhaps most evident in the prisoner collar fused to the back of Jacob’s neck that serves as a health and energy bar for GRP, a powered-up gauntlet that can grab and throw objects and enemies alike on demand, waiting for it to have the energy store to do so. Ammunition numbers were similarly dropped onto the guns themselves. The only HUD element not integrated into the Jacob character himself is a pop-up menu that allows the player to quickly switch between equipped weapons. With each of Jacob’s five guns 3D-printed and grafted onto a receiver, the player has to pop one gun assembly and whack another on the same grip, whether it’s a two-handler, two-shotgun, or an assault rifle. . Switching between a one-handed weapon and a two-handed weapon is much faster than switching between two one-handed weapons as Jacob has to pause briefly to detach and reassemble the gun on the fly and he usually reloads it to good effect as well.

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