Netflix wants you to pay more if you share passwords

Netflix is ​​undoubtedly one of the best streaming services and makes a strong case for itself. However, over the past two months, the platform has been trying to increase its revenue in several ways. After announcing a new ad-supported category to attract younger customers, the platform is now looking to monetize all the people who share passwords with their friends or family.

Netflix wants you to pay an extra $3 if you share passwords outside of your household

At the time of writing, Netflix has approximately 2,233 million subscribers worldwide, and in addition to the 223 million, 100 million households can access the streaming service through shared passwords. The platform has been very lax towards sharing passwords and cracks down on those who share them; Plans are now changing slightly.

Based on a report from The Wall Street Journal, Netflix will soon introduce a feature that will give users an extra $3 on top of their subscription fee if they share their password with someone who isn’t in the same house. But how will the company find out? This will be done through the IP address, device ID, and activity on the account.

For those worried about losing access to Netflix password sharing, this won’t happen. However, users who share an account will be required to enter a verification code that they can obtain from the original owner of the account. Once they access the content, they will continue to see a message until the original account holder decides to pay the add-on fee.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this approach by Netflix. However, this raises the question of whether users will start canceling their subscriptions. This doesn’t seem highly unlikely since Netflix currently has one of the most extensive libraries of original TV shows and movies, with many more coming, both in terms of new releases and renewals.

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Are you willing to pay the extra $3 on top of your existing subscription plan, or will you require your friends and family to get their own Netflix account? Let us know in the comments below.

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