NETAC offers DDR5-8000 memory with Z-RGB kit

NETAC has become the latest memory manufacturer to announce maximum DDR5-8000 kits for high-end desktop PCs.

NETA Takes It to the Next Level with DDR5-8000 Memory Kits, Z-RGB Lineup Equipped with Hynix A-Die

Earlier this month, G.Skill announced its DDR5-8000 Trident Z5 ultra-fast memory kits which were launched in retail starting at US$529.99. NETAC is now the second memory maker to offer DDR5-8000 kits featured under the new Z-RGB family. NETAC Z-RGB memory kits feature a large heatsink with a chrome-silver plated finish and a large RGB heatsink on top. The memory modules use a 1.8mm thick aluminum heatsink which should be good enough to cool the DRAM and PMIC on the PCB. The memory is available in black and silver. As an added bonus, the silver model uses an electroplated silver process to give it a more premium look.

The NETAC Z-RGB DDR5 lineup comes in six flavors starting with the most entry-level DDR5-6000 spec offering timings of 36-36-36-96 CL (1.35V), followed by DDR5-6200 (32-38-38-96 @ 1.35V), DDR5 -6600 (34-40-40-105 @ 1.4V), DDR5-7200 (34-45-45-115 @ 1.4V) and DDR5-7600 (36-46-46-122 @ 1.4V). Top spec is the aforementioned DDR5-8000 memory kit which comes with CL timings rated at 38-48-48-128 and a voltage of 1.5V. All six DDR5 memory kits come in either 16 or 32 GB (dual-channel modules) flavors.

NETAC Z-RGB DDR5 memory kit specifications (Image credits: ITHome):

NETAC states that it uses the latest SK Hynix A-Die to drive its Z-RGB DDR5 memory line. NETAC plans to offer compatibility on both AMD Ryzen 7000 and Intel 12/13th Gen platforms but we can’t say if these systems are XMP or EXPO certified. As of now, NETAC has not confirmed when it plans to release it or what the pricing will be like but we can expect more information at CES 2023 which is a few weeks from now.

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News sources: ITHome, Videocardz

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