MSI Unveils MAG CORELIQUID M ‘Mortar’ AIO Liquid Cooler for the Asian Market

MSI has unveiled its new line of MAG CORELIQUID M ‘Mortar’ AIO liquid coolers that come in 360mm and 240mm sizes.

MSI MAG CORELIQUID M ‘Mortar’ AIO coolers provide better CPU support and bring back a welcome feature to users

MSI MAG CORELIQUID M ‘Mortar’ AIO Coolers feature a copper base plate to absorb and dissipate heat. The new design is mentioned to have a better layout than existing CPUs, as the bottom of the cooler uses a small bump layout.

Image source: MSI via IT Home.

Another feature that MSI is reconsidering is the “cool head design”, which should also help improve heat transfer. MSI’s AIO water cooler design offers a durable 3-phase motor, providing shock absorption to extend the reliability and life of the radiator. On the cooler itself, the MSI MAG CORELIQUID M offers ARGB, 12025 specification, speeds up to 2000+, and a maximum air volume of 3.68mmph.2FDB hydraulic dynamic bearings can assure users of 50,000 hours of operating time.

The outer layer of the water cooling tube is covered with black braided net and uses an anti-evaporation tube. Previously, we have seen MSI release C-series, P-series, and R-series coolers for both Intel and AMD chipsets. The M Series looks new but lacks the 240mm of travel that other series offer. We’re told the new lineup should outperform ASETEK’s 7th generation AIO designs.

As of seven months ago, this was a list of this year’s MSI cooling kits that combine the MAG series with the MEG and MPG series. It will be interesting to see if the company will also offer a 240mm radiator size or just stay with the 280 and 360mm dimensions.

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MSI MAG CORELIQUID M360 ‘Mortar’ AIO coolers will only be available in the Asia Pacific markets (more precisely, in China). MSI provides users with liquid leak support along with personal guarantees for users. The company’s starting price for the new radiator is 569 yuan ($79.31).

News source: Information Technology Homepage

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