MSI unleashes its 2023 laptop range with the Flagship Titan and a multitude of gaming, creative and office designs

MSI has launched a slew of flagship gaming, creator, office and Titan laptop designs as part of its 2023 product lineup.

MSI has a laptop for everyone in its 2023 portfolio: Flagship Titan with i9-13980HX and RTX 4090

press release: MSI, a leading laptop computer brand, has unveiled its all-new lineup of laptops equipped with the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs and up to 13th Generation Intel® Core™ HX processors. With a leap in performance and recognition bestowed at CES, MSI is pushing the pinnacle of performance and innovation with its all-new range of laptops.

MSI’s latest laptops are powered by the ultra-efficient NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, taking a quantum leap in performance with AI-powered DLSS 3 and enabling vibrant virtual worlds with full ray tracing. With exceptional power optimization, eight of the new MSI laptops from NVIDIA Studio are validated not only in the content creation series but also in the gaming, business and productivity series.

3D content creators gain access to NVIDIA Omniverse, an RTX and AI-enabled platform that connects 3D workflows, replacing linear pipelines with live sync creation, enabling artists to iterate faster and easier than ever before.

Powered by NVIDIA Studio technologies for creators, products with NVIDIA RTX GPUs take advantage of RTX optimizations in over 110 creative apps, NVIDIA Studio drivers for the highest levels of stability and performance in app creation, and exclusive NVIDIA AI-powered tools: Canvas, Airplay, and RTX Remix. MSI Stealth, Creator Z, and Prestige laptops come pre-installed with NVIDIA Broadcast, turning any room into a home studio through the power of artificial intelligence.

The new MSI laptops also feature the new 13th generation Intel processors with up to 45% performance boost benefiting from the increased core count and turbo frequency.

All New Game Series: Stronger Than Ever

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The new MSI gaming laptop comes with the latest exclusive thermal design, helping to make the gaming series more powerful than ever. All heatpipes have been re-engineered to fit common tubes, custom tubes and exclusive VRAM tubes to ensure full performance delivery. In response to the performance improvement, MSI GeForce RTX 40 Series laptops, from the high-end Titan series to the gaming Katana series, incorporate a MUX design to allow discrete graphics mode to be activated through the MSI Center, unleashing more GPU power.

With the motto of aesthetic design, MSI has released more than 10 laptops with new graphic designs, and also applied 16:10 QHD+ 240Hz refresh rate display in high-end games, which are Raider GE, Vector GP, and Stealth series. Moreover, the exclusive futuristic keycap design allows players to easily navigate the control and shortcut which greatly enhances the gaming experience.

Titan GT Series / Raider GE Series / Vector GP Series: Extreme Powerhouse

The award-winning Titan GT and Raider GE come with a top-tier i9-13980HX processor and GeForce RTX 4090 laptop GPU along with exclusive MSI OverBoost Ultra technology, pushing processors and graphics to 250W total full power or support 5.2 GHz frequency across 8 P-cores depending on workload.

To deliver these stunning displays, the Titan GT and Raider GE come with a world class display. The Titan GT is equipped with the world’s first 4K/144Hz mini LED display, featuring over 1,000 nits of peak brightness with over 1,000 local dimming zones, while the Raider GE is equipped with a 16:10 QHD+ 240Hz display. These world-class displays clearly display those frames that are driven by powerful hardware.

The Raider GE series comes with a new body with upgraded matrix light bar which is more cool and more futuristic. In addition to Vector GP series, with its new simple design, simple appearance but also amazing performance to become the best choice for STEM users and engineering.

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The Stealth Series: elegant and sharp in every range

The award-winning slim and mighty Stealth series now comes in a full-size range of 14, 15, 16, and 17 inches. Introducing the newly designed Stealth 14 Studio and Stealth 16 Studio. Both are favored with a magnesium-aluminium alloy body to deliver a slim and lightweight body. While the Stealth 14 Studio features MSI’s Vapor Chamber thermal design, making it the most powerful 14-inch gaming laptop.

Moreover, Stealth 16 Studio comes with a 6-speaker Dynaudio triple sound system that provides an immersive entertainment experience. Moreover, to deliver powerful performance, the Stealth Studio 17/16/14 are NVIDIA Studio certified laptops, which cater to different needs across game and content creation.

To deliver an immersive and stunning experience, Stealth 15 introduces a revolutionary high refresh rate OLED display, with 240Hz and a response time of less than 0.2ms. It also supports 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, allowing users to experience the next level of gaming. With a suite of NVIDIA Max-Q technologies that optimize system performance, power, battery life, and acoustics for maximum efficiency. The Stealth Series is not only a blazing-fast performer, but it’s also thin and quiet.

Cyborg / Pulse / Katana / Sword Series: Wide selection for players

Introducing a whole new series of gaming laptops, the Cyborg 15. It comes with a futuristic transparent body design, through which you can see the mechanical and electrical parts. With its thin and light body and cyberpunk-inspired design, Cyborg 15 is an ideal choice for those who are bored with the design of ordinary entry-level games.

MSI has also updated its best-selling Katana, Sword and Pulse gaming series to the latest processors and graphics to improve gaming performance. Moreover, Pulse, Katana and Sword are now available with MUX switch. Gamers can easily switch between the hybrid graphics mode or the discrete graphics mode via the integrated MSI hub.

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Creator Z Series: Master the power of creation

Not only is the beautiful CNC-machined chassis the only light in the Creator Series, the Creator Z Series performance is now on another level. The latest Creator Z17 HX Studio / Creator Z16 HX Studio comes with the latest 13th Gen Intel HX series processors and has also been certified by NVIDIAStudio. With its Vapor Chamber Cooler thermal design, the Creator Z series has become the most powerful innovative laptops on the market.

Along with support for the all-new MSI Pen 2. The award-winning MSI Pen 2 uses the latest MPP2.6 technology, with 4096 pressure level and haptic feedback, making it feel like writing on real paper. Moreover, you can also use MSI Pen 2 as a traditional pencil on paper without switching to actual pens.

Prestige Series: Thin and Powerful

The power of the Prestige series has reached a new level. Prestige 14 Evo and Prestige 16 Evo both support the latest Intel Core i7 H series processors, which provide a lightweight yet powerful experience to the users. While Prestige 16 Studio also comes with NVIDIA Studio validated GeForce RTX 40 mobile GPUs, promising better throughput and higher reliability.

The new 13-inch Prestige 13 Evo is the lightest laptop in the entire MSI series, made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, and weighs only 990 grams. Prestige 13 Evo is also equipped with a 75Wh large capacity battery, which can last for 15 hours.

The Modern Series has also been updated with new color options with Starry Blue and Beige Pink to meet your daily fashion statement.

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