MSI Showcases Next Generation Spatium M570 Gen5 SSDs And X Trio Gaming Graphics Cards White

MSI has shown Next-generation Spatium M570 Gen5 hard drives with the latest graphics cards in white at their booth at CES 2023.

MSI gives first look at Spatium M570 PCIe Gen5 SSDs, powering desktops and laptops with transfer speeds of up to 12GB/s

MSI is not only working on a next-generation Spatium SSD, but two hard drives based on the Phison E26 controller, the Saptium M570 series. The family comes in two flavors, a standard Spatium M570 variant and a PRO variant. The difference between the two drives lies not only in performance, but also in the cooling design.

Starting with the MSI Spatium M570 PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSD, we’re looking forward to read and write speeds of up to 10GB/s, loads of up to 3000TB, and all the essential software tools added through the MSI Center software suite. This SSD lineup will come in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB flavors. The SSD uses a heatsink similar to the one we’ve already seen on PCIe Gen4 Spatium drives.

The MSI Spatium M570 PRO raises the bar for performance with up to 12GB/s read and 10GB/s write speeds. The drives will also come in three capacities but the extra performance comes thanks to an updated finned heatsink which also includes a flat vapor chamber plate. The design is also more unique with a geometric shroud that uses an elegant red-gold chameleon coating. MSI expects to ship its first PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSDs in the first half of 2023. It also showed off several demonstrations of Spatium Gen5 drives running on laptops and desktops.

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MSI also showed off its first white Gaming X Trio graphics card which adopts an all white cover, back plate and even the fans. The PCB should keep the black color but we will likely see these cards within the GeForce RTX 40 series family. Again, there is no word on pricing for these cards but we expect more information soon.

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