Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has sold over 5 million worldwide

Capcom just announced that Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has sold over 5 million units worldwide.

The publisher announced the news through an official press release. Additionally, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the official Monster Hunter World expansion, has sold over 10 million units globally “due to strategic pricing”.

“the monster hunter The series consists of hunting action games that pit players against gigantic monsters in beautiful natural environments,” the press release reads. Starting with the first title in 2004, the series created a new genre in which players team up to hunt ferocious monsters with their friends and has since grown into a worldwide phenomenon with cumulative sales of the series surpassing 88 million units shipped as of September 30, 2022.”

“sunrise It is a huge premium expansion of go up It was released in June 2022. In addition to gaining acclaim for its new locations, monsters, and never-before-seen hunting action, sunrise It was also supported by continuous free property updates and strategic pricing, which contributed to the positive sales growth, which drove global property sales to over 5 million units.

According to the press release, Capcom hopes to increase sales of the series by bringing these titles to additional platforms, with Monster Hunter Rise launching on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S later this week on January 20, 2023, followed by sunrise in spring 2023.

Sales of the Sunbreak expansion have surpassed 4 million units worldwide as of August 2022. This means that Capcom managed to sell another 1 million units of the expansion in about four months. As Capcom also announced in August last year, Monster Hunter Rise has total sales of over 11 million worldwide across PC and Nintendo Switch after its launch in March 2021.

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We reviewed the Sunbreak expansion upon release – here’s what Francesco Di Meo had to say about it:

With so many mods and additions, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is really a massive expansion that improves on an already excellent game in every possible way. The level of challenge is still generally low compared to previous entries in the series, but no hunter worth their salt should be stopped by this one, as new monsters and gameplay mechanics make the trip to Elgado and the Citadel one to remember.

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