Monarch smart tractors are now powered by NVIDIA’s Jetson Xavier SOC

The NVIDIA Jetson platform allows organizations and developers to offer many options for artificial intelligence and machine learning through its system-on-a-chip (SoC) products, such as the Jetson Xavier. Recently, start-up Monarch introduced smart-computing and energy-efficient tractors with its new MK-V series of tractors that use the Jetson Xavier SoC.

Monarch Tractor uses the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier SoC for intelligence and energy efficiency in the company’s new series of tractors

The Monarch MK-V is the company’s introduction to smart tractors for commercial use. Monarch recently reported that the MK-V series will help reduce costs compared to standard fuel-powered tractors, saving consumers $2,600 per year.

The company has created a 100% all-electric tractor that does not require the driver to perform system operations. The tractor is autonomous, driven only by data programmed into the on-board system that is an NVIDIA Jetson design.

This is a momentous day for Monarch Tractor which has been years in the making. Our team has worked tirelessly and relentlessly with a mission to make farming more profitable and sustainable. We are proud to see our commitment to technological innovation and sustainable solutions culminate in the celebration of our first tractor off the production line, which I might add is powered by renewable energy.

– Pravin Benemtsa, Co-Founder and CEO of Monarch Tractor

The new tractor uses six NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX SOMs, an eight-core ARM64 “Carmel” CPU, and a 512 CUDA Volta core GPU. The system supports FP32, FP16 and INT8, providing 1.3 TFLOPS of single-precision floating point performance while consuming less than 20W of power. Tensor core performance is up to 20 TOPs, but without locking, the user can receive consumption levels of 30 watts and 30 TOPs.

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We are excited to partner with Monarch Tractor as its first customer, accelerating our deep commitment to sustainability while supporting businesses that drive future innovation in agriculture technology. As we build a world-leading group of fine wines and spirits, comprised of some of the world’s best vineyards including To Kalon (organic certification expected early 2023), we focus on protecting and maximizing our resources while producing the highest quality wines and spirits. high quality in the world. Being the first to benefit from the Founder Series MK V gives us the first opportunity in the industry to do so, and we congratulate Monarch on this exciting launch.

– Robert Hanson, President, Wine & Spirits, Constellation Brands

For business inquiries and to reserve a Monarch MK-V Tractor, you can find more information on the company’s website.

News sources: Kuai Technology, Monarch Tractor

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