Micron begins shipping 232-layer NAND technology with lineup of 2550 NVMe M.2 SSD

Micron has begun shipments of the advanced 232-layer NAND technology featured in its 2550 NVMe M.2 SSD lineup to customer.

Micron introduces the world’s most advanced consumer SSD featuring 232-layer NAND technology

press release: Micron Technology, Inc. announced (Nasdaq: MU) today announced that it will ship the Micron 2550 NVMe SSD to global PC OEM customers for use in mainstream laptops and desktops. The 2550 is the world’s first consumer-grade SSD shipped with NAND across 200 layers. Offering performance that outperforms the competition1 through density and power advantages, the 2550 provides users with the responsiveness and low power consumption needed to extend the battery life of their personal and work computers.

“We have focused on delivering a superior user experience to PC users with this SSD,” said Praveen Vaidyanathan, Vice President and General Manager, Customer Storage Group, Micron. The new SSD 2550 is based on the well-established and widely adopted PCIe Gen4 architecture. It also incorporates Micron’s industry-leading 232-layer NAND and focuses on thermal architecture and power design. These capabilities deliver incredible application performance and massive energy savings.”

The Micron 2550 SSD enables faster, more responsive applications in mainstream PC platforms, including gaming, desktop, and client machines. Micron innovations such as predictive cache optimization improve user experiences and create a new class peak for PCMark® 10 benchmarks.

The SSD transfers files up to 112% faster, launches office productivity applications up to 67% faster, loads major games up to 57% faster, and launches content creation applications up to 78% faster than comparable competing products. It also delivers superior sequential read performance of up to 5Gbps and sequential write performance of up to 4Gbps, which is 1.4 and 1.3 times faster than the previous generation of SSDs, respectively.

Power savings are provided by Micron’s optimization of entering and exiting self-power saving states, use of an advanced process controller node, and elimination of DRAM via Host Memory Buffer (HMB) technology. Innovations that collectively deliver a battery-sipping sleeping power consumption of less than 2.5mW, an idle active power consumption of less than 150mW, and an active power consumption of less than 5.5W. These advancements enable longer battery life for everyday computing needs.

“We expect PCIe Gen4 drives to remain the primary interface for laptops and desktops through 2026,” said Greg Wong, principal analyst at Forward Insights. “Leading Gen4 SSDs, such as the new Micron 2550, deliver enhanced user experiences and provide OEMs with an attractive storage solution for their system designs.”

The Micron 2550 SSD is available in sizes 22 x 80mm, 22 x 42mm, and 22 x 30mm, and comes in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacity points. These options give system designers the flexibility to build computers with the right mix of performance, size, weight, and capacity.

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