Matter is finally available on all Google Nest and Android products

Matter was launched back in November for those who haven’t kept up with the trends in the tech industry. It is not a device but a smart home standard that allows devices to interact with each other even when they are from different companies. Now, Google has taken a step and released Matter for all Google Nest and Android products so that you can use your smart home devices with ease.

Google has finally released Matter for all of its products, including Android phones and Nest devices

The main objective of Matter is to relieve users from all the hassles they face when connecting countless smart home devices in the market. Having a single standard makes it easier for companies to implement and ensure that their devices work well with each other. You no longer have to simply stick to one brand of smart home device to this standard — a practice I wish other companies would follow with different devices and services.

Google has stated that Matter is now enabled on Android devices, Google Nest, and Google Home. Google also mentioned that the new update will add Fast Pair, allowing you to pair your Matter devices faster. Plus, connecting your Matter supported devices will be super easy thanks to Wi-FI or Threat.

Last but not least, Google wants to make Matter more accessible. Starting next year, the company will ensure that the standard is available on more Google Nest devices. In addition, it also plans to add iOS support so that multi-admin support can be improved.

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The announcement and eventual release of the material is a step in the right direction. With smart home devices slowly growing in popularity and not just a niche market, companies need to have a standard that allows their devices to interoperate. The idea of ​​Matter is that you are no longer bound by one company’s products and offer only because they refuse to work with others. We’re excited to see more of what Google brings next year. We know Samsung will also roll out some promising support for Matter.

If you’d like to read more, you can check it all out here.

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