Marvel’s Midnight Suns – How to solve the mystery of the unknown tomb

Midnight Suns features plenty of side activities to keep players entertained along with the main story missions, which can be tackled while exploring the lands of The Abbey. One of them is the Mystery of the Unknown Tomb, a quest that helps uncover the hunter’s past and involves finding some hand-made dolls scattered throughout the map.

Furthermore, the Unknown Grave puzzle in Marvel’s Midnight Suns offers nice rewards once completed, so let’s see how to solve it.

Unknown grave site

To start this side quest in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you need to go east of The Abbey and get to Dreamer’s Descent. You can only access this area if you have already unlocked the first power word, “Open”, as you will use it to open the gate you find while following the path.

As soon as you pass through the unknown tomb, a cutscene will play, and the mission will begin. You can examine the handmade doll that you find on the gravestone to know more details about it. To complete the puzzle, you must find and collect three more dolls while exploring the grounds of The Abbey. Where are they located? You’ll find all the relevant details below.

Handmade doll locations in the midnight sun

After you find the father’s hand doll in the unknown tomb, you have to find three more dolls and collect them to solve the puzzle. The exact location of each one is described here, and you can also help yourself to the map.

Handcrafted hand puppet

If you head north of the Unknown Tomb, you will soon find a wooden bridge leading to a small hidden area. You’ll notice a mysterious chest on the left, but if you go further to the right, you’ll find a handmade doll on a table.

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Handmade Hunter Doll

This doll can be found not far from Dreamer’s Descent. From the tomb, follow the path that leads to the southeast, and you will come across an area with a blue flame illuminating the path. The Hunter’s hand puppet is at the end of the path, on the table between the two burners. On the left, you will also find a mysterious chest.

Lilith hand doll

This doll is located northeast of the dreamer’s descent, near the standing stones. To get to this area, head back to the Unknown Tomb and follow the eastern path. Follow the red torches and turn right before you reach the standing stones. You will notice a blue flame. There, you will also find the remaining doll.

How to solve the mystery of the unknown tomb

Once you’ve collected all of the handcrafted dolls in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, return them to the Unknown Grave at Dreamer’s Descent. When prompted to do so, place it on the gravestone. This will launch a small scene, at the end of which you will notice that the caretaker has accessed your site. Talk to her to complete this side quest. An epic mystery chest will appear nearby as a reward.

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