It has been claimed that the Gamestop user data leak is a test; “The addresses and names were not actual customer data”

Yesterday, disturbing reports emerged of a customer data leak from GameStop, which saw several users view other customer data, including addresses and even credit card information. Now, the GameStop Customer Care team has responded to the issue, claiming that the data users found was part of a test… sure.

So, where did this start? Several users have reported that customer information may have been leaked to other customers who were shopping during Black Friday. All they had to do was constantly update their information. Doing so will allow them to see the names, orders, addresses, and possibly even credit card information of other GameStop users.

This is a report from Twitter showing the problem:

And now, GameStop has responded with a “trusted” account stating that the user data that kept showing users is actually data generated by GameStop employees. This data is in no way meant to be taken as real and only belongs to the test. Why do some of these “fake statements” still have real addresses? Do not doubt it.

This is the statement made to VGC by GameStop’s customer service team:

This was fixed promptly the same day it happened. This was test data generated by our teams, not actual customer data.

It didn’t even take minutes before VGC’s Andy Robinson was inundated with claims that some of the addresses and customer information were actually real.

Of course, this has been piling on GameStop’s list of problems since the inception of Black Friday. In connection with what this data includes, it has been decided that users can access other users Phone numbers, addresses, and order dates. This may have brought back some war memories for Bethesda users during the launch of Fallout 76. It is highly suggested that users check their GameStop accounts and make sure to keep an eye out for unknown purchases.

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As of now, the issue appears to have been fixed. However, we will continue to report this story as it develops.

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