iPhone SE 4 is likely to be canceled due to high manufacturing cost and low demand

It was previously rumored that Apple will launch iPhone SE 4 in 2024 with a major redesign. However, it appears that the company may abandon plans for mass production due to higher manufacturing costs and lower-than-expected shipments. Scroll down to read more details on why Apple canceled the iPhone SE 4 and what you should expect.

Apple may see fit to cancel or delay the iPhone SE 4 due to lower shipments and higher production costs

Apple Analyst Ming Chi Kuo He mentioned in a series of tweets today that Apple will likely cancel or delay the iPhone SE 4 due to lower demand and higher component prices. Shipments of mid- and lower-end smartphones like the iPhone SE 3, iPhone 13 mini, and iPhone 14 Plus are still lower than Apple expected, according to Kuo.

It was previously rumored that the iPhone SE 4 will feature a design similar to the iPhone XR. If Apple plans to bring the new design to the SE lineup, Kuo states that it will require higher costs and higher selling prices compared to the iPhone SE 3. Going forward, Apple will have to “reconsider product placement and return on investment” for the iPhone SE 4. It also The analyst notes that Apple will have to cut unnecessary product development costs in order to break through “the challenges of the global economic recession in 2023.”

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As mentioned earlier, Apple was previously expected to launch iPhone SE 4 in 2024. If Apple goes ahead with its plans, the device will look quite similar to the iPhone XR. What this means is that the company will move away from Touch ID in the power button. The company can either use Face ID in the notch or have the Touch ID authentication system in the power button.

iPhone XR from Apple

As for the rest of the design, the iPhone SE 4 will be launched with a larger 6.1-inch screen with a notch. The type of display is unclear at this point with analyst Ross Young saying that the company hasn’t decided between OLED and LCD screens for the device. Since the final word rests with Apple, be sure to take the news with a grain of salt. We’ll keep you updated with all the latest news, so be sure to stay tuned. Do you think Apple will cancel the iPhone SE 4? Let us know in the comments.

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