iPhone 15 will offer massive camera improvements with Sony’s “state of the art” image sensor for low-light performance

Apple recently announced the new iPhone 14 Pro series with major improvements in the camera department. For the first time, the iPhone now features a 48MP camera that can capture more details. We now hear that the iPhone 15 will come with Sony’s latest image sensor for improved low-light performance.

The iPhone 15 camera features Sony’s advanced image sensor for improved performance in low-light conditions

According to a report from NikkiApple’s iPhone 15 will feature significant camera improvements thanks to Sony image sensors for low-light performance. Unlike standard sensors, Sony’s advanced image sensors will double the pixel saturation which will allow them to capture more light. According to the source, it will be able to capture better details of a person’s face with enough light in the background.

While the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera is quite capable in low-light scenarios, Apple may be looking to take things to another level with the iPhone 15. With its potential image sensor, Sony makes use of a semiconductor architecture that stacks photodiodes and transistors in different layers increasing the number of Photodiodes. Ultimately, it will allow the pixels to capture more light and improve low-light performance. In addition, it is likely that the Sony image sensor in the iPhone 15 will be used in the main camera.

Sony iPhone 15 Pro camera image sensor

It is too early to conclude whether all iPhone 15 models will have the new Sony sensor. According to recent rumors, only iPhone 15 Pro models will come with exclusive features like A17 Bionic chip, USB-C port, better camera setup, increased RAM, and much more. We’ve also previously heard that the company is working on a periscope telephoto lens for an improved 10x optical zoom to better rival Android smartphones.

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Since the final word rests with Apple, be sure to take the news with a grain of salt. We will update you as soon as more details become available.

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