Intel provides support as part of the Warranty Commitments for Russia and Belarus

Intel has resumed driver and software downloads with Russia after cessation of business within Russia and Belarus. This was mainly part of the US sanctions imposed due to the war with Ukraine. Besides Intel, Microsoft has also been reported to allow Windows 11 update for Russia, Tom’s Hardware reports.

Intel has opened software downloads to support the hardware in Russia, and Microsoft is rumored to offer similar support

A Microsoft spokesperson reached out to the site after an article was published yesterday, in which the topic of quietly reintroducing software support to Russia was brought up. Intel has been reported to confirm this There have been no recent changes to our operations.In February and March 2022, Intel suspended all shipments to customers in Russia and Belarus, respectively. In April 2022, Intel announced that it would suspend business operations in Russia.

Eight months later, Intel opened channels to provide software support for its hardware, and Microsoft followed suit. However, Intel followed US government regulations when it initially stopped doing business with Russia. But when it came to “warranty obligations,” Intel needed to continue to source updates for the country.

Intel continues to comply with all applicable export regulations and sanctions in the countries in which it operates. This includes complying with sanctions and export controls against Russia and Belarus issued by the United States and allied countries. Access to resources that address driver update needs, such as the Intel Download Center and Intel Download Support Assistant (IDSA), is part of Intel’s warranty obligations.

– Intel

Prior to this report, some Russian users would need to use everything from VPNs to block IP addresses, find copies of downloads through online forums, or use torrents. Software support was returned at the end of last year, so the company did not take this situation seriously. The company allows driver updates via the downloader only after the user has registered and created a profile on the official Russian Intel website.

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Now, reports of Microsoft software updates opening up for Russian consumers have also been cleared, with this statement to Tom’s Hardware:

As we previously shared, we have stopped all sales of new products and services in Russia and are complying with sanctions from the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States.

– Microsoft

The statement continues to be repeated to the media and customers that sales of products have not been re-established with Russia. However, programs such as Windows Update are rumored to have started allowing it in the country, but no official word has come out yet, which means this is just a guess.

News Sources: Tom’s Hardware, Intel Download Center, Intel Driver, and Support Center

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