Intel B760 motherboards may be up to 10% more expensive than B660 motherboards

Intel B760 motherboards are suggested to be slightly more expensive than their B660 predecessors at launch.

Intel B760 motherboards may cost a bit more than the B660 motherboards, which were launched in January

Intel and AMD will compete in the mainstream segment with the 13th Gen Non-K and Ryzen 7000 Non-X CPU families. Both CPU families will take full advantage of budget motherboards to entice gamers. While AMD has its B650 lineup which is DDR5 only, Intel has both B660 (DDR4 + DDR5) and B760 (DDR4 + DDR5) motherboards coming for gamers and consumers in general.

The Intel B760 will extend the B660 motherboards, offering better features and IO but the motherboards will also carry a slightly higher price tag. According to Asian Board Channels, all Intel B760 motherboards will see a price increase of up to 10%. This will certainly influence most buyer’s decisions, but since AMD’s B650 motherboards cost so much, Intel may have reasoned that by raising the price, they are still ultimately more competitive against AMD’s offerings.

However, whether Intel can still compete against itself is another question. As of now, the most attractive motherboard options in the B660 chip cost around $100 to $150 USD. A price increase of 10% would mean that we are looking at a maximum price increase of $10-15 on iterations of the B760 board. While this is certainly not a huge price increase, for gamers on a budget, every penny must be considered. By the time Intel releases its B760 motherboards, the existing B660 line should already be available at reduced prices, and given that both 12th and 13th Gen CPUs are compatible with either of these motherboards, most consumers would call it a day. And they get cheaper B660 options. .

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Intel B760 motherboards and 13th Gen Non-K CPUs will be available in the first week of January, just a week before the launch of the AMD Ryzen 7000 Non-X CPU.

In your opinion, what is the best price range for budget motherboards?

News source: ITHome

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