Intel ARC Battlemage GPU is currently targeting 2023 release, 225 W TDP and more

Intel’s GPU side is very much alive and well, and RedGamingTech has received information that the anxiously anticipated Battlemage GPU will debut in 2023. You may remember our exclusive from a while ago that confirmed that Intel Arc GPUs weren’t canceled and the GPU Battlemage Canceled is going to be a fat thing for desktops first.

Intel Battlemage GPU targeting RTX 4070 performance levels and 2023 release

When I wrote exclusively, my source told me that the Battlemage GPU would be coming either late 2023 or early 2024 barring any black swan event. If the RGT info proves to be reliable, it looks like Intel is making huge progress in GPU development and is already targeting a 2023 launch — which also gives them enough time to iron out a good chunk of the bugs in their driver stack. Without further ado, here’s the relevant slide from the RGT video:

Slide courtesy of RedGamingTech

Intel’s Battlemage will be a 225-watt affair that will target the RTX 4070’s performance level based on the current state of the Arc driver stack. If Intel can significantly improve the suite of drivers, that performance level could go up as well. This certainly ties in well with what Raja Koduri said is that their core audience is one that only wants one power connector – which is basically the mainstream and enthusiast market. The market will continue to be very excited to be dominated by NVIDIA and AMD for at least 2023.

I’ve also heard that Intel has been considering updating Alchemist based on the state of the market (should they choose to push Battlemage into 2024) and it looks like they’ve decided to (tentatively) move forward with Battlemage. Also remaining low hanging fruit for Intel are the drivers and software stack. The hardware and silicon are already ready to party as far as the target market goes, and improvements in the software package will bring performance gains apace. Here’s an excerpt from our exclusive template for our readers:

  • Intel will decide internally whether or not an Alchemist update is appropriate by 2023 – before Battlemage is introduced. This decision has not yet been made. This does not constitute a cancellation of Arc anymore it is an AMD Radeon cancellation (AMD used a Polaris chip for several generations: 4xx, 5xx, 6xx).
  • Regardless of the delay, *as of now* Intel remains committed to bringing Battlemage to discrete desktop graphics. Barring any Black Swan event, you should see Battlemage in a separate desktop format by late 2023 or early 2024 depending on how fast research and development goes.

Excerpted from the exclusive “The Future of Intel Arc”.

What’s the maximum you’ll pay for a Battlemage GPU (RTX 4070 perf) assuming there are no driver issues?

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