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It’s that time of year… good food, family, friends and fun are all in abundance. But getting gifts that can make everyone happy and not make a huge impact on your wallet is not easy. Here is a rundown of some of the most commonly used products that would make any family happy this Christmas. The company offers a 10% discount on all products with the code LC5T6OYHvalid from December 7 to December 14.

Ecozy Portable Ice Makers

What could be a better and more useful gift than a portable ice maker that keeps you, your drinks and even your seafood cold all year round. Considering how useful this gift can be, Ecozy is offering discounts on 3 portable ice makers.

  1. Ice Maker for $110 (Black – 26 lb Capacity): Get 9 Bullet Shaped Cubes in 2 Sizes Ready in 6 Minutes! It is a self-cleaning ice maker that can deeply clean every corner of the ice maker by circulating water. Also comes with ice bags, a standing ice scoop, and a kitchen ice basket for easy transport and storage. This is our favorite model out of the three! ice maker 1 scene1.png
  2. Ice Maker for $124.99 (Silver – Capacity 26.5 lbs): It has a different design than the above, and you can get 9 cubes per turn and all the accessories too. ice maker 2 scene1.png
  3. Ready to party? Get this 44-quart ice maker for only $199.99! This ice maker is for people who never want to run out of ice. Equipped with a powerful compressor, the flat ice maker takes just 13 minutes to make 24 ice cubes per cycle. ice maker 3 scene1.jpg

Sunrise Alarm Clock with Sleep Assistant ($39.96)

Someone in your life who always complains about being late for everything? Were they annoying their roommates with 20 alarms every day? Make life easier for everyone in this house with the Ecozy Sunrise Alarm Clock. With a wake-up light that simulates sunrise/sunset, this clock is both app and voice controlled.

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But, the most interesting feature? Unlike most alarms that believe in the shock factor and focus on being loud, this alarm makes it easy to wake up with gentle ringing tones that make it easier to not only wake up but with time, you also start to wake up. No torture sounds! The clock also comes with adjustable light brightness settings that slowly illuminate over a customizable period (10-60 minutes) before the alarm sounds – this helps gently wake you awake as our ancestors did with natural light and sounds.

This alarm clock is not only designed for heavy sleepers but for everyone, including children. Let’s stop hating on the concept of having to get up and give our primitive brain the environment it needs to wake up happily every morning (or evening, whatever your schedule is).

This watch also comes with a sleep aid therapy lamp that can help you fall asleep easier. Simulating a fading sunset to provide a relaxing atmosphere, this clock really helps alleviate sleep and wake-up problems.

clock scene1.jpg

Ecozy Self Emptying Robotic Vacuum and Mop ($399.99)

Robots self-deprecating are becoming a rage. But most of them come with a starting price of $1000+. Need to give a loved one the gift of hassle-free cleaning but can’t afford to throw a thousand dollars at it? Get them this awesome self-vacuuming robot + mop for just $399.99 this Christmas. Some of its most important features include:

  • Comes with a blank self case; Hands-free cleaning for 45 days
  • 3pcs 1.5L large capacity dust bag
  • Advanced 5-layer HEPA filtration system
  • 3000Pa suction power can clean floors and carpets
  • 2-in-1 litter box and water tank
  • Compact design to fit in the smallest of spaces
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Head to Amazon to get this economical Ecozy Robot Vacuum with automatic dirt disposal, no-go zones, and voice control for only $399.99 for a limited time.

robot vaccum scene1.jpg

Ecozy Portable Countertop Dishwasher ($369.99)

Do you have that crazy perfect friend or family member who lives the RV or camping life? Give them the gift of quick cleaning and drying! You can’t even predict how much they love her! The Ecozy Portable Dishwasher comes with a built-in 5-liter water tank and 5 washing programs. These programs can fit many different cleaning requirements, saving energy and time. It also comes with a dry function for comfortable apartments, campers, RV lives or boats, and people with small children.

You can fill the tank or even choose to connect it to a hose to supply water directly. Measuring just 16.85 x 16.73 x 18.03 inches, the Ecozy portable dishwasher has a worktop compact enough that it doesn’t take up much space or become cumbersome to move around but large enough to accommodate a wide range of dish sizes.

Go to Amazon for more details and to get this wonderful gift for yourself or a dear friend.

Portable dishwasher

Ecozy offers a variety of products that not only make great gifts for the holidays but are also useful during parties and family gatherings this holiday season. Use the code LC5T6OYH And get amazing prices on these products.

Ethical disclaimer: This is a paid sponsored position. We do not collect any commission on sales. Sales tracking affiliate codes may be included by the seller.

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