HyperX Clutch Gladiate Xbox Controller and Haste 2 Gaming Mice Revealed at CES 2023

HyperX today revealed that it will expand its award-winning product lineup with a new Xbox controller and a range of next-generation gaming mice. The latter will also be available in wired and wireless versions, all of which were revealed during CES 2023. The Xbox controller is called the Clutch Gladiate, and the gaming mice are the Pulsefire Haste 2.

Daniel Kelly, Global Head of Marketing at HyperX, explained the following about the announcement:

CES is the perfect venue for HyperX to demonstrate our commitment to delivering high-performance gaming products to all gamers. Whether you’re playing on an Xbox console or PC, HyperX delivers the latest, high-quality products for gamers to enjoy immersive, engaging games combined with wireless freedom, convenience, and customization.

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Let’s start with the Xbox console. Dubbed the Clutch Gladiat, this Xbox-certified controller delivers superior comfort and precise control for extended console gaming sessions. Designed for Xbox gamers to help improve the gaming experience and increase performance. The wired controller features dual trigger locks and adjustable back buttons to improve control and adapt to the different ways multiple players play.

The controller also features powerful dual rumble actuators, immersive and intuitive force feedback cues along with textured grips, making for a comfortable and secure control grip. Finally, the console also has a 3.5 headphone jack that you can use to connect a wired headset.

HyperX Pulsefire

HyperX Pulsefire Haste 2 is a gaming mouse that will be available in both wired and wireless forms. The wired version weighs 53 grams and uses an ultra-lightweight chassis design that delivers faster movements. This full-featured mouse delivers polling rates of up to 8000Hz and delivers fast, smooth cursor movements with its high-precision HyperX 26K sensor with native DPI settings of up to 26K DPI.

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The wireless alternative to the HyperX gaming mouse offers double wireless connectivity with both Bluetooth wireless technology and 2.4GHz wireless gaming technology. Weighing in at 62 grams, the Pulsefire Haste 2 Wireless Mouse offers faster movements and up to 100 hours of battery life on a single charge. It also has a high-precision HyperX 26K sensor with native DPI settings of up to 26K DPI.

The wired and wireless versions of Pulsefire Haste 2 can be customized with HyperX NGENUITY software that allows users to customize DPI settings, RGB lighting, button assignments, sensor performance, and even record macros. The mice will be available in black and white.

New products in the HyperX lineup will be available on multiple dates. The Clutch Gladiate Xbox Controller will be available in March at $34.99 MSRP, while the Pulsefire Haste 2 Wired Gaming Mice will be available in April at $79.99.

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