How to remove Discord DM from PC or mobile device

Discord stores your messages on servers, which means you can delete messages from private conversations. This is in contrast to messaging apps that store message data on smartphones. However, some people don’t know how to remove a DM or do so in one go.

How to remove Discord DM from PC or mobile device

Besides manual deletion, there are several other ways to delete messages on Discord. It’s much easier to delete DMs using a computer, but they may not always be around. Read on to learn more.

Delete Discord DM from mobile device

The only way to delete messages in private conversations on a mobile device is to manually delete them one by one. Discord doesn’t have a DM bulk delete feature by default on any platform, so the only supported way is a slow process. Here’s how it works.

  1. Launch Discord on your mobile device.
    app 1
  2. Tap the message icon.
  3. Select a conversation.
  4. Find the message you want to delete.
  5. Press and hold the message with your finger.
  6. When a list of options appears, select “Delete Message.”
    delete dm 1
  7. The message is now deleted.

Since you can’t use Windows keyboard shortcuts on a mobile device, there’s no way to speed up text deletion. Some users may find muscle memory and timing after a few attempts to increase the process. But most may find that it probably isn’t much faster than individual wipes.

Controls are the same whether you use Discord for iOS or Android. As of August 2022, Discord decided to merge the two through React Native, an open-source UI framework. This integration removes previous UI differences for a seamless experience.

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Delete Discord DM from your computer

Discord is available on PC as a standalone app or through your favorite browsers. They are identical in almost every way, so it doesn’t matter which one you prefer. The steps below will help you delete DMs.

  1. Open Discord on your PC.
    open2 6
  2. Click on the messages icon.
    Discord 1 1
  3. Select one of your conversations.
    Discord 2 1
  4. Hover over the message and click on the triple dots that appear.
    Discord 3 1
  5. Select “Delete message”.
    Discord 4
  6. Continue to delete the message.
    Discord 5
  7. Repeat if necessary.

While this method is useful for individual messages, being on PC allows you to use Discord keyboard shortcuts. Thanks to them, the process is much faster.

  1. Open Discord.
    open2 6
  2. Go to the list of conversations using the messages icon.
    message icon4
  3. Open the DM.
    message icon6
  4. Press the up arrow twice.
    keyboard key up1 1
  5. Select all the text in the message using the shortcut “Ctrl + A”.
  6. Delete texts with Backspace or Delete.
    delete3 1
  7. Press the Enter key.
  8. If Discord asks you again, press Enter to confirm.
  9. Repeat as needed.

Using keyboard shortcuts is much faster than pointing and clicking on each message, so deleting messages is more efficient.

While this is a useful way to delete messages, there is another way to improve it.

Delete Discord DMs Script

Scripts are a set of instructions that you can give your computer to run. When the script is run, the computer will follow the instructions to the letter. You can use scripts to delete DMs on Discord while on PC.

However, using scripts is considered a violation of Discord’s terms of service. Therefore, we recommend that you proceed with caution when deleting messages.

  1. Download and install AutoHotKey.
    download1 1
  2. Start AutoHotKey and leave it active.
  3. Download the Discord.ahk file from this page.
  4. Run the file you just downloaded.
    run1 3
  5. Click “OK” when the “This script is active!” popup appears.
    okay1 1
  6. Go to the Discord client or browser version.
    discord1 1
  7. Go to the DM you want to delete.
    delete dms1
  8. Select the message and press “Delete”.
    Screenshot 21
  9. If you want to continue deleting DMs, scroll up.
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Scrolling is necessary if you use AutoHotKey because Discord only loads messages when you reach them on the screen. Therefore, you can’t just leave the script running and expect a clean wipe.

This script is actually the hotkey method, but on steroids. Instead of pressing keys yourself, you’re essentially using a script that acts as a macro. The macros will repeat until you pause the script, at which point you’ll finally delete everything.

There is another way to use scripts. It’s called Undiscord and it’s a bit more difficult to install.

  1. Get the Violentmonkey or Tampermonkey extension for your browser.
    addex1 1
  2. Download and install Undiscord.
    install1 1
  3. Open the browser version of Discord.
    open brow1
  4. Click the trash can icon in the upper right corner.
  5. Select “Get”
  6. Click “Start” to begin the deletion.

Unfortunately, Undiscord no longer works with Macs. It also only works in the browser version, so a standalone client is out of the question.

Delete Discord DM history using bots

Unfortunately, Discord does not allow users to delete their DMs using bots. Such practice is also against the Terms of Service. However, some bots have commands that allow you to delete messages posted to your channel or server if you are a moderator.

Every bot is different, which means you have to search for the right command. A helper function can reveal this. If not, the bot download page should list all the commands.

Bots can’t delete texts you’ve sent them because only you can do that. This security feature prevents anyone from tampering with your messages using a simple bot.

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Other frequently asked questions

Can you delete other users’ DMs?

No, you cannot delete messages other users have sent you in DM or elsewhere. The only way to remove them is for the sender to permanently delete them from the chat.

Are deleted DMs really gone?

Yes and no. When a private message is deleted, the sender and recipient will not see it. However, Discord’s servers retain a copy that can be found if a court orders the company to give them up.

You can’t see it

Although Discord doesn’t natively support bulk message deletion, some third-party solutions help speed up text deletion. However, some of them may violate Discord’s terms of service and you may be banned. Fortunately, bans don’t happen very often.

What improvements would you like to see on Discord to better implement message deletion? Which method do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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