How to post a video on Dailymotion

Looking for ways to post your Dailymotion videos?

How to post a video on Dailymotion

This article will show you how to make your videos available to everyone. We will also explain the different content visibility settings available on Dailymotion. Keep reading to learn more!

Publish a video

Dailymotion is a video sharing site where users can upload, share and view videos. The site launched in 2005 and quickly became a popular destination for online videos. Today, Dailymotion is one of the largest video sharing sites in the world with millions of videos watched daily.

The site is available in over 30 languages ​​and offers a wide range of categories to choose from, including sports, news, entertainment and more. In addition to user-generated content, Dailymotion also offers professionally produced videos, making it a great source of entertainment and information.

Whether you’re looking for the latest viral sensation or want to catch up on the news, Dailymotion has something for everyone.

Dailymotion provides content creators with several different video visibility options: public, draft, private, and password protected.

Public videos can be viewed by anyone and appear in search results, while private videos can only be viewed by users with the link. Draft videos can only be viewed by the content creator if the required information is missing, but once that information is entered, they can be made public, private, or password protected.

Users can only watch password-protected videos with a password created by the content creator and can never be accessed without that password.

Dailymotion’s visibility settings give content creators a lot of control over who can see their videos and how those videos can be found. However, the “Public” setting is the preferred video visibility setting for most content creators for several reasons.

First, videos set to “Public” are more likely to be seen by a wider audience. They are also more likely to be shared and commented on than videos set to other visibility settings. Additionally, “public” videos are more likely to be indexed by search engines, making it easier for people to find them.

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Finally, videos set to “Public” are eligible for monetization, which means you can earn money through advertising.

Here’s how to post a video:

Step 1: Publish your video

Of course, before you can post a video, you need to publish it first. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to take. If your video is already published, you can skip straight to step 2 below.

  1. Visit Dailymotion and enter your credentials to log in to your account.
    Step 1 Publish Your Video 1
  2. Go to the settings section of your account by clicking the “Settings” button in the upper right corner.
    Step 1 Publish Your Video 2
  3. Select “Upload” from the options in the left column. This should open your local storage window where you can select the video you want to upload. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop the video into the Dailymotion window.
    Step 1 Publish Your Video 3
  4. After uploading your video, enter important metadata, including title, category, and language.
    Step 1 Publish Your Video 4
  5. Click “Publish”.
    Step 1 Publish Your Video 5

Step 2: Adjust video visibility settings

After publishing, you can publish your video in a few steps:

  1. Head to your partner headquarters and select “Media” from the navigation menu. This should take you to the videos page where you can see all the videos you’ve published.
    Step 2 Edit the Videos Visibility Settings 1
  2. Go to the video you want to post.
    Step 2 Edit the Videos Visibility Settings 2
  3. Click the down arrow on the right side of the video, then select “Edit”.
    Step 2 Edit the Videos Visibility Settings 3
  4. Once the editing interface appears, go to “Publish Video” and enter the start date and exact time you want the video to be public. You can also enter an end date if you don’t want your video to remain public indefinitely.
    Step 2 Edit the Videos Visibility Settings 4
  5. Click “Save”.
    Step 2 Edit the Videos Visibility Settings 5

And that’s all! You’ve just made the video available to everyone, including random Dailymotion visitors who don’t have an account on the platform. However, it is important to note that you can only post videos if you are a verified partner.

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A verified partner on Dailymotion is a video creator that has been vetted and approved by the Dailymotion team. This designation grants creators certain privileges, such as access to special resources and support that help them grow their channel and produce high-quality content.

Frequently asked questions

What is the default visibility setting on Dailymotion?

The default visibility setting on Dailymotion is “Private”. This means that only people who have a link to the URL can view the video. If you want to share your videos with the public, you’ll need to change your visibility setting to “Public”.

Who can watch videos set as “Public” on Dailymotion?

When a video is set to “Public” on Dailymotion, anyone can play it. The video will also appear in search results and elsewhere on Dailymotion. To ensure that only certain people can watch your videos, you can set your privacy settings to “Private”. Private videos can only be viewed by people who have been invited to view them.

Keep in mind that even if the video is set to “Private”, it’s still possible for someone to play the video if they have a direct URL. For this reason, it’s important to only share private videos with people you trust.

What happens if I set a time for my video to remain “Public” on Dailymotion?

When a video is set to publish date and time on Dailymotion, it overrides the video visibility defined on the base tab. This means that the video will only be viewable for a certain amount of time before it is automatically deleted. For example, if a video is set to be public for seven days, it will be viewable for seven days from the date and time it was posted. After seven days, the video will no longer be available.

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This can be useful for videos that are only intended to be watched for a limited time, such as announcements or promotional videos. It also ensures automatic deletion of old videos so they don’t take up space on the site.

Share your content with the world

To summarize, Dailymotion offers a great way for businesses to publish videos and share them with a wider audience. The process is simple and easy to follow, and the results can be impressive.

There are several things you can do to increase the views of your videos. First, make sure you use relevant keywords in both the title and description of your videos. this will help them appear higher in search results when people search for those terms.

Second, share links to your videos on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and encourage others to do so. Third, embed videos on websites and blogs where appropriate; this will give potential viewers another way to find and follow them.

In addition, always monitor the feedback from the viewers and adjust your content accordingly; if people aren’t interested in what you post, they won’t follow it, no matter how great it is!

Finally, keep in mind that once a video is set to “Public”, anyone can play it. So if you’re uncomfortable sharing your videos with the world, it’s best to keep them private. You can always change your video visibility settings by going back and editing them.

Are you a content creator on Dailymotion? If so, feel free to share other tips and tricks to help other authors get more views by publishing their content.

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