How to block specific subreddits

Also known as the front page of the internet, Reddit is one of the largest and most visited sites on the internet. Like all user-generated content sites, this one has its fair share of not-so-suitable content. So what do you do when a disgusting post gets upvoted and appears on your r/all list?

It used to be a breeze to block subreddits that weren’t your cup of tea. All you needed to do to get the offending subreddit off your feed was to type its name into the search box labeled subreddit filter, click the + icon, and you were done. These days, Reddit users have to dig deeper to regain sovereignty over their r/all feeds.

Old Site Filter Reddits Search

However, in 2018, after more than 12 months of development and testing, Reddit launched a redesigned website. This was the first major visual overhaul of the site in over a decade. With the new design came sleeker graphics and some other changes. r/all has lost its subreddit filter search box.

How to Block Subreddits: Reddit Premium

Unfortunately, since the subreddit filter search box has disappeared from the channel, there is almost nothing the average user can do to exclude unwanted content that the community has approved. This applies to the desktop version of the site and to native mobile applications.

Get Reddit Premium

But for those who don’t want to use third-party apps and extensions, all is not lost – they can upgrade to Reddit Premium. Depending on the platform you use, the premium version of the site or app will allow you to block specific subreddits from the r/all channel.

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Upgrade to Premium Membership:

  1. Click the downward pointing triangle next to your avatar (top right corner of the browser window)

    Screenshot 2023 01 17 185547

  2. Then click on User settings choice.

    Screenshot 2023 01 17 185609

  3. Next, click on Subscription table

    Screenshot 2023 01 17 1856501

  4. Click on Get Reddit Premium on the next page and select a payment method. Follow the remaining instructions.

    Screenshot 2023 01 17 185650

Once you’re done upgrading, head over to r/all and start hammering away. The process is pretty much the same as on the old version of Reddit.

Upgrade to Premium for native mobile apps

When it comes to blocking specific subreddits, mobile users are out of luck, as are their desktop/laptop friends. There is no option to use block hammer on the Android or iOS version of the Reddit app. What they can do is upgrade to Reddit Premium and use their desktop browser to delete unwanted subreddits. Upgrade via mobile:

  1. Download and install the Reddit app.

    IMG 2222

  2. Launch the app from your device’s home screen.

    IMG 2219

  3. Tap your avatar (on Android it’s in the top left corner)

    IMG 2220

  4. Click on Reddit Premium tab and follow the instructions.

    IMG 2221 1

In addition to being able to block subreddits, premium membership allows you to buy Reddit Gold, an on-site currency that you can use to interact with other users and their content. Finally, Reddit will stop showing you ads. The monthly fee is $5.99 and once purchased, Reddit Premium will be available on all the devices you use.

Third Party Solutions

If you want to get your r/all feed back but are reluctant to pay Reddit your hard-earned money, you can use one of several browser extensions. Our favorite is the Reddit Enhancement Suite. The application is available for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari.

RES home page

For the purposes of this article, we used the Google Chrome version. The best thing about this extension is that there are many tips and tutorials on Reddit to use it. Download and install the extension. Now let’s see how to hide a problematic subreddit from your r/all channel.

  1. Open your browser. Go to

    Screen Shot 2021 01 07 at 2 20 36 PM

  2. Click the RES extension button. A drop-down menu will appear. (If you’re in Chrome, click the button that looks like a puzzle piece, then click icon with three dots in addition to renewable energy expansion)

    Screen Shot 2021 01 07 at 2 20 12 PM

  3. Click on Options. Depending on the version, a gear icon may appear. Click on it.

    Screen Shot 2021 01 07 at 2 20 12 PM 2

  4. The Reddit Enhancement Suite page will open. Click on filterReddit in the menu on the left under Subreddits category.

    Screen Shot 2021 01 07 at 2 22 05 PM

  5. Switch to filterReddit choice On.

    Screen Shot 2021 01 07 at 2 22 05 PM 2

  6. Scroll down the page to check + add filter button in the lower left corner of the field with the name Subreddits.

    Screen Shot 2021 01 07 at 2 22 56 PM

  7. Enter the subreddit you don’t want to see.

    Screenshot 2023 01 17 195128

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If you want to block other subreddits, repeat steps 8 and 9. When you’re done, scroll up and click the Save Options button.

It costs your country

With a new layout and design, Reddit decided to claim the r/all feed. However, users who aren’t willing to take whatever is served on the feed can still reclaim their independence from Reddit’s algorithm. Available options include paying for premium membership and installing third-party apps.

What is your experience with inappropriate content on Reddit? how do you go about it? Do you report posts and posters or block entire subreddits? Tell us more in the comments below.

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