How to add someone you deleted on Snapchat

Why do people delete contacts on Snapchat? It could be that someone is harassing them with tacky snaps. But sometimes it happens by accident.

How to add someone you deleted on Snapchat

You probably know that there are two ways to get rid of someone from your contact list: you can delete them or you can block them. Each of them has its own advantages.

Once you remove someone, you can always go back and re-friend them. However, it is important to think about the consequences.

Remove a contact

To begin with, we’ll explain how to remove someone from your Snapchat contact list.

  1. Call up your friends list
  2. Tap and hold the name
  3. Tap “More”
  4. Tap “Remove Friend”

Contact blocking

A very similar process takes place when blocking someone.

  1. Go to your friends list
  2. Tap and hold the name
  3. Tap “More”
  4. Select “Block”

Differences between deleting and blocking your contacts

If you remove a contact from the list, you will not be able to get any more pictures from it. Your frame score will become private, but all previous frame exchanges are available for viewing again, provided you have saved them.

When you delete someone from your contact list, they will not be notified of your actions.


Blocking a contact leads to more drastic changes. For example, even saved messages will disappear. It’s also worth noting that if you block and then unblock someone who used to be on your friends list, they won’t automatically be added back as a friend.

How to re-add people to your friends list

Of course, in order to add someone you’ve deleted, you need to remember their account. This shouldn’t be difficult if you deleted an old friend.

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your mobile device and make sure you’re signed in
  2. Click on Add friends icon
  3. Use one of the four options below to add a deleted user
    Note* You can add people by username, contacts, Snapcode and it’s easier to add people nearby. You can even add them from your address book.
  4. Select “Add”
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That is all. Now you can wait patiently for them to accept your application.

If you don’t remember the person’s username, but you have mutual friends, you can ask for their username or even their phone number.

You can then add the phone number to your address book and use the “Add from Address Book” feature to find them on Snapchat and re-add them as friends.


Extra Tip

To add someone from your phone’s contact list, you need to give Snapchat access to that list. The device’s contact list is not exactly the same as your address book. If you give Snapchat the access it needs by tapping the “Contacts” tab instead of the “Add Friends” tab, the app will show which contacts have their phone numbers linked to a Snapchat account.


You will see a “+ Add” button to the right of their names. Tap on it to connect with them in the app.


What happens when you add an old contact again?

Once you add someone you previously deleted, Snapchat will let you see all the snaps they sent you when you weren’t friends—provided they accept your invitation a second time.

Here is an interesting fact that not many people realize. Every Snapchat user profile has a list called “Snapchatters who added you back”. Let’s say you deleted someone and they didn’t notice. All they have to do is check this list and search for your name.

This is important because deleting and blocking contacts does not send notifications. However, the person can still check why you stopped responding. When you delete someone, your name will disappear from this list on their profile.

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Before you delete someone, it’s worth thinking twice. If in doubt, know that you can’t just change your mind afterwards without them knowing. Whether you delete someone or block someone, it can be annoying.

Manage your friends list carefully

Never forget that you cannot add someone to your friends list without them knowing. After weeks or months of silence, your willingness to reconcile may not be there.

It’s also important to remember that blocking someone will definitely delete previous pictures and conversations between the two of you. Unless you’re just getting rid of a random hacker, it’s better to use the “Delete” feature instead, as it will at least allow you to look back on important moments.

Will anyone know if I delete or block them?

Although they won’t get a notification, they won’t be able to see your pictures, message you, or see your picture score.

What if I can’t find a friend I deleted?

u003ca href=u0022 you can’t find the usernameu003c/au003e or you don’t have their Snapcode, you can try to find the username using your contacts. You can also try to download all your Snapchat data from the website to find deleted friends.

Will they get a notification that I’ve added them back?

Yes, if you’re trying to anonymously add a friend back to Snapchat, they’ll get a message that you’ve re-added them.

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